17 going on 50

Hello Team Never Quit. I would like to start off by thanking you guys for everything you do, your podcasts inspire me to get after it every day. My name is Andy and I am 17 years old, that’s right 17 years old. I wasn’t born with any diseases, my family was never poor, and […]

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My Blessing

Sometimes we freeze up when adversity crashes in on us. In the fall 2009, I (my son and I ) went through a divorce. Beginning of 2013, I lost the job that allowed me to have an apartment and enjoy the time I had when my son was with me. I froze. During that narrow

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Angie’s Story

Greetings Morgan and Marcus, My name is Vernon Watkins. I am a Marine veteran (’91-’03). But this is not about me. This story is about my wife, Angela. She has been diagnosed with degenerative disc and facet disease. She has suffered with chronic pain many years. On January 12th 2010, she had her first cervical

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Redefine Possible

You may hear Chris Kaag’s booming voice before you see him roll around the corner to greet you with a huge smile and an even bigger handshake. Like many influencers in the community, Chris Kaag wears numerous hats as the founder and Executive Director of the IM ABLE Foundation, founder of Corps Fitness, adaptive athlete,

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