Great Stories Ignite Legends


Dara Torres

To compete at the highest level is one thing. To do it for 24 years is absolutely mind blowing. Stand by for this week’s incredible …

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Chief Joe Yeakley

Mine would be about my Fire Chief Joe Yeakley. He was working a normal house fire, went in the garage to make sure no one …

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The man who couldn’t be stopped

Hey Frogmen, My step dad John Kennedy is the strongest man I have ever met. He is a Navy Veteran, serving with the Seabees in …

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Purpose unkown

I’ve had mixed feelings about sharing this and I still have a hard time asking for help. It makes me feel weak even though I …

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Still in the game

I need to start by thanking you guys for the show and being out there as a source of inspiration for myself and everyone else. …

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Recovery From Surgery

I want to start off by thanking you guys for everything you have done. I am so thankful that I found this podcast and it …

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a long ride

first I want to thank you honorable men for sharing your story. I was at home and listening in to Shawn’s story from sept 21 …

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Recent Episodes

Clint Emerson

What does a life overseas prepare you for? It prepares you to become one of the worlds greatest Violent Nomads. Join the Team Never Quit …

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Dom Raso

What does honor mean to you? What events in your life have taught you to live with honor? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford …

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Pardeep Singh Nagra

How hard would you fight for your beliefs? How many rounds could you last in a battle of discrimination? Join the Team Never Quit Podcast …

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The TNQ Podcast is unlike any other podcast available. Two Navy SEALs who’ve known each other for years sharing their amazing life experiences in a humorous, heartfelt and entertaining way. Mr. “Never Quit” himself, Marcus Luttrell and the insanely high energy “Instructor Rut”, David Rutherford are together delivering a powerful message as if they’ve been hosting a podcast for decades.


Never before have two people brought such substantial backstories to anchor their ability to pull the best out of the people they interview. Don't miss an Episode. Sign up for our newsletter today!