My Never Quit Story – Breathe

In the beginning, it was 1987. Me, I was born. I had my first breath of the world’s oxygen outside the womb. But was I really breathing? Not sure, maybe not. Maybe I was. Maybe I am.

I have always known I wanted to make a difference, to do something greater than myself and to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I recently, bought a new book online called, Behind the Badge – 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement. I finally opened it up while taking a bus the other day and I was on my way home from running mundane errands. The title for the first devotional that I read in this particular book was, “A plan for achievable Victories.” Just reading the title was instant fresh breath into my lungs. I deserve to have a plan for achievable victories.

I am currently an Ontario, Canada College student at Georgian College. I am a first-year, Honors Bachelor of Police Student. And I am in The Pre- Hiring stage, passing every assessment so far in OACP Certification results. I am understanding the content in every class for my Policing Program and it feels amazing. But I haven’t always been a person that doesn’t give up.

I was a student in trios College for Police Foundations in 2014, but I always felt like quitting. I just didn’t have secure feelings about myself. Now, I am a few years older, I have worked in the Security Industry since Aug 2018. I have even been accepted in 2019 to be a candidate for The Canadian Armed Forces. I have Terrorism Awareness training skills, which I learned while upgrading my Security training online. I even have trained online with Homeland Security- FEMA for active shooter, what to do training. I have experienced in my life, abuse from family, bullying from family, even family members that never have believed in me or my abilities. Including survived domestic violence in two long-term Common-Law relationships and survived being kidnapped, sexual and physical assault and death threats.

I have struggled financially my entire life and have always worked since I was nine years old. Yet, I still haven’t quit breathing that new breath every day. God, is my fortune, my inspiration and my reasons for being a better me everyday, every moment. I have even experienced losing my fiancé and spouse of 13 years to suicide but also, gained a lesson in love and affection I could never and would never give back. We had a daughter and his memory lives on through her and our loving memories we shared together.

Point is, Breathe. Breathe in every situation, good, bad and ugly. All of my Victories, life experiences and journeys started with breathing, taking a deep breath.

Author: Amber Leah