My Blessing

Sometimes we freeze up when adversity crashes in on us. In the fall 2009, I (my son and I ) went through a divorce. Beginning of 2013, I lost the job that allowed me to have an apartment and enjoy the time I had when my son was with me. I froze. During that narrow window I had to find a replacement job, I lost the apartment. That led to living in a weekly hotel. The local job I landed left me with between 50 to 20 dollars to live on bi-weekly after paying rent.

I hated my life, my job etc…. I thought many times about just giving up. I realized, however, my blessing was that my son (whom I loved dearly) was not only experiencing these hard times with me but he was watching and learning how a man faced adversity. His Dad. That Fought. God’s Grace and Mercy kept me in the fight (the daily fight of getting up, clocking in and surviving.)

Sometimes we freeze and that causes problems. Others are watching possibly learning how to fight when you fail. Hold on, get back up and take a step forward. Do this each time you fall ( you will fall more than once and a come back takes many more tries and more time than the fall took. You will get to a better place. God will or has (my son, my co-workers) put people in your path to encourage you. If needed reach out … Find your Blessing. They may already be right beside you.

Author: William