Surviving the Unthinkable

Mason Sawyer's Story of the Phone Call That Changed Everything, Persevering & Helping Others

The Power of Perspective.
Join us for a deeply moving and inspirational Team Never Quit episode featuring Mason Sawyer, a resilient individual who has faced unimaginable tragedy with unwavering strength and purpose.
Mason’s personal and professional life blossomed as he married his high school sweetheart, Kortni Atkinson, and embarked on a journey of education and coaching. After earning his college degree, Mason returned to his Alma Mater, West Jordan High School, as the head coach of the Varsity Basketball team while Kortni pursued her Nursing degree.
In the summer of 2021, Mason’s life took a devastating turn when his family was involved in a fatal car accident in St. George, Utah. The accident claimed the lives of his brother, nephew, wife, and two of his children, leaving only his son Blue as a survivor. This unimaginable loss shattered Mason’s world and altered the course of his life forever.
Despite his grief, Mason has devoted himself to raising his son, and honoring the memory of his loved ones. Inspired by the 10/90 Principle—believing that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond—Mason has channeled his pain into a mission of helping others. He has launched a podcast, “The10ninety,” and emerged as a compelling public speaker, sharing his message of resilience, hope, and the power of perspective.
Join us as Marcus and Mason discuss the journey of tragedy, resilience, and profound transformation, and discover how Mason continues to inspire others through his unwavering courage and commitment to living the 10/90 Principle.
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In this episode you will hear:
• I’m very much in the thick of my grief still… (7:04)
• [My dad used to tell me] I have you, and your brothers and your sisters, and your mom. I have it all. That’s kinda what I had to shape my perspective. (10:54)
• The number one thing. That’s what makes someone rich is good quality relationships. (11:09)
• Being a good dad – That’s the number one, best, quickest way to make a difference in this world. (17:02)
• A big dust storm got kicked up, and it just covered the highway. It caused a 22 car pileup and it killed 8 people. And 5 of those 8 people was my family. (21:54)
• We were high school sweethearts. I never dated another girl. She was it. (31:15)
• You wake up, and you get your ass kicked today. You’re not gonna get any of ‘em back. You’re gonna lose, but you still fight on. It the best you can do. (38:23)
• That’s why I love the whole buffalo metaphor. The buffalos know they’re gonna get their ass kicked. But they get the good shit with the storm. The cows that run away from it get the snow or the rain or the shit part of the storm. But like if you embrace it, yeah you’re gonna get fucked up, I’m not saying you’re not gonna get hurt, but you’re also gonna get the benefits of it. (38:54)
• You’re never gonna get to those good parts, if you run away from the bad parts, ‘cause the bad and the good are located in the same spot. (39:52)
• If you’re running from the pain, you’re running from the growth. (40:02)
• [Marcus] Oh, by the way, you and I also got the death penalty. That’s the only way we check outta here. (41:28)
• [Marcus] You wake up, and you have a bad day or a hard day – -that’s gonna remind you how good your good ones are. (49:07)
• Your life – it doesn’t mean anything. It’s up to you to make it something. (56:47)
• That’s the point of life – handling shitty moments the best you can. (57:57)
• I learned that opportunity can come from the absolute worst thing. (60:25)

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