Julie Werhnyak

An Officers Story Of A Lethal Enounter In The Line Of Duty

Surviving the Unthinkable: A Law Enforcement Officer’s Story of Courage and Recovery
In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, Marcus and Melanie meet with Julie Werhnyak, a former Tempe, Arizona police officer whose life changed forever on March 3, 2015. Julie shares her harrowing experience, the split-second decisions she had to make, and how she drew upon her training and resilience to survive being stabbed in the neck.
Julie had a routine before starting her shift. But on that fateful Tuesday morning, she sensed something was amiss. A premonition led her to alter her routine and mentally prepare for what lay ahead.
Responding to a call for a welfare check, Julie and a colleague encountered a situation that quickly escalated.
As they attempted to gain entry to the residence, Julie’s worst fears were realized. A violent suspect emerged, armed and dangerous. In a split-second decision, Julie confronted the assailant, risking her life to protect others.
Julie’s bravery came at a cost. She sustained severe injuries during the confrontation, but her training and resolve kept her focused on survival. With the support of her colleagues and medical personnel, Julie began her journey towards recovery.
Despite the physical and emotional toll of her ordeal, Julie returned to duty, driven by a sense of duty and resilience. However, the challenges didn’t end there. Julie reflects on the importance of proper psychological support for law enforcement officers facing trauma.
After two decades of service, Julie recently retired from the force. With her company, Artemis Self-Defense, Julie continues to empower others through tactical and self-defense education. Her story serves as a testament to the power of training, resilience, and community support.
Julie Werhnyak’s journey is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and the strength it takes to overcome adversity.

In this episode you will hear:
• My best never quit story would’ve been during my martial arts training and because of those never quit moments, that’s how I was able to survive the stabbing that I incurred. (5:50)
• Every day I put on my Tempe Police uniform I spoke some version of mantra which is “I accept and expect I will be involved in a lethal encounter today, and I will do everything I can to insure my survival.” (8:36)
• As soon as the muzzle of my gun touches his body, and I fire my first round, the knife penetrates my neck, just above the left clavicle. (19:24)
• I started on my tactical breathing to slow everything down, so that hopefully I would bleed out. (21:31)
• My first thought was, “Oh shit”, not because I was scared but because I knew I couldn’t get out of the way and I was gonna be stabbed. (28:32)
• The trauma doctor attributed not only my survival but her [the victim’s] survival to physical conditioning. (29:35)
• It missed my carotid [artery] by less than an inch. (33:05)
• [The perpetrator] was a 26 year old guy with his whole life ahead of him. He had a family who loved him. (35:07)
• I survived because I was prepared. (39:16)
• I wasn’t thinking I was gonna die, I was too focused on living. (39:47)
• I knew that if I was in a knife fight I would probably be cut, but it would be what I did next that mattered. (44:18)

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