Toby Gutteridge

Royal Marines Soldier Survives After Being Shot Through The Neck, Life As A Quadriplegic & Motivational Speaker

Life’s Precious Second Chance.
In this week’s powerful episode, we are honored to have former Royal Marine Toby Gutteridge, an extraordinary individual who defied the odds after being paralyzed by a shot through the neck during a night raid in Afghanistan. Paralyzed instantly with a shattered C2 vertebrae, Toby’s survival was miraculous. He details the harrowing moments, the support of his colleagues, and the grueling journey of rebuilding his life. Toby battled mental health issues, but his determination led him back to education, earning a first-class business degree at Bournemouth University.
Reflecting on the fragility of life, Toby expresses gratitude for his second chance and emphasizes the preciousness of every moment. Toby’s resilience extends to entrepreneurship, as he founded an extreme sports clothing brand that echoes his optimistic outlook on life—finding light even in the darkest times.
Tune in to this episode to witness Toby Gutteridge’s remarkable journey from the battlefield to rebuilding a life filled with purpose, determination, and a profound appreciation for the precious gift of life.

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In this episode you will hear:
• When I left South Africa, I was so determined, come hell or high water, I was gonna get into the British Marines no matter what. (13:11)
• My determination was a lot higher than probably 80-85% of the recruits. (15:47)
• As a Royal Marine, it was a reality check. All of the sudden, the movies and all that goes out the window, and reality kicks in. (16:58)
• Where the Hilos landed, there was no cover, and they left us there. It was as flat as a pool table. We couldn’t go back; we couldn’t go left or right; so the only thing we could do was a full frontal assault on this compound.  [We] Just showed the enemy what we’re made of. (34:10)
• [As we broke through a door] They just opened fire on the first team that went through the entryway, and I happened to take a round through the neck that hit me square in the spinal cord, and that was me – lights out. (44:45)
• The next thing I remember was waking up probably about 3 months later. (46:36)
• [My recovery was] hell on earth, man. (46:47)
• You’re fighting for your survival, fighting for your life, using everything you’re got, just to not give in. (47:14)
• They couldn’t do an MRI because of the metal that was still stuck in my neck. (49:06)
• I spent 12 months on my back, staring at the roof. (57:28)
• I’m not be the man to let the team down let the legacy of who we are down. I’m not gonna be that soldier. (58:57)
• I think my brothers in arms – the support I got from them – is what probably got me through it. (60:24)
• I just crossed a point where I decided I’m gonna make the best of it.  (60:59)
• It’s inspired the next generation of Special Forces Operators to go “Damn, look what these guys have done. Look at that legacy they left behind.“ (62:02)
• I lost all my physical capabilities, but I still have my mind. (63:31)
• I put all my energy, all my focus into education. (66:15)
• [Marcus] That SF attitude they put inside of us when we get in there is a game changer. (67:38)
• A big part of being in the SF world is being brave, and facing challenges. (70:45)
• Living life to the max. That positivity, spinning that into people – is what the brand is all about.)  (71:55)
• Live life to your fullest, because you never know when it’s gonna be taken away. (73:41)

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