Chris Caracci

Original SEAL Team 6, Undercover Narcotics, SWAT Operations, Stories Of MOH Heroes At War

Chris Caracci – From SEAL Team Six to Law Enforcement: A Journey of Tactical Mastery
In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, Markus and Melanie are honored to host Chris Caracci, a distinguished figure with over two decades of combined military and law enforcement experience. Chris’s journey from serving with SEAL Team One and Team Six to becoming a leading authority in practical and tactical techniques is both inspiring and enlightening.
Chris’s illustrious career began with a six-year commitment in the U.S. Navy, where he served with unparalleled distinction in SEAL Team One and Team Six, specializing in anti-terrorism operations. Transitioning from his military service, Chris spent nine years as a sworn tactical officer, operating in diverse environments across New York, New Jersey, and South Florida. His expertise in SWAT operations and narcotics enforcement earned him recognition as a top-tier operative and trainer, sought after by both local and federal agencies.
Chris shares compelling accounts of Medal of Honor recipients going back to the Vietnam War.
Today, Chris’s dedication to personal protection and private training keeps him at the forefront of the field, where maintaining peak physical and mental conditioning is paramount. With a profound understanding of real-life conflicts, Chris brings a unique perspective to his classes, teaching from both the heart and the mind.
Gain insights into Chris’s firsthand experiences with real-life conflicts and the strategies needed to navigate them successfully.
Don’t miss this compelling episode as we delve into the details of Chris Caracci’s military and law enforcement service – a true master of tactical expertise.

In this episode you will hear:
• Marines are unique people. (7:53)
• I was only really good at climbing, and I was always climbing buildings. (12:52)
• I just happened to close a door and looked behind it, and what do I see? I see these twin 72 cubic inch scuba tanks. I grabbed ‘em and they were [made of] Styrofoam! (28:34)
• If I ever come up with something like Dementia, I hope I’m brave enough to identify it and go for a long swim. (35:21)
• In battle you learn one thing. [You need] water, and ammunition. (36:45)
• When you hit the water, you only got a matter of minutes, and if that parachute gets saturated, it’s an anchor. You’re going down. End of story. (38:26)
• If you never quit, you’ll never know how to. (39:37)
• [Marcus] The only reason I knew I could make it, it because I made it through hell week. (40:47)
• The reason they don’t give us – in my day – more psychological techniques, and even some physiological tricks – they wanna see who’s gonna do it on their own. (45:48)
• Free fall is difficult because there’s no gravity. (49:39)
• You still did one thing together – you get up in line and you examine each other’s equipment to make sure the guys are squared away and nothing bad’s gonna happen. (57:42)
• One of the reasons I was really driven to be a frog man was because they weren’t designed for any other purpose other than warfare. (60:59)
• There were so many cold war frogmen that were ready. There was no war but we were ready. (70:40)
• One of the first things I learned is that it wasn’t about muscle, it wasn’t about brawn – it was about the mind. (83:24)
• You can’t change the world. You have to learn how to navigate accordingly. (93:41)
• Where is there a war I can get in? Where can I stand up for somebody and fight but for a reason, for a purpose. (96:01)
• Life may be boring to me, but what makes life is being able to share it with someone special. (99:23)

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Chris Caracci

Original SEAL Team 6, Undercover Narcotics, SWAT Operations, Stories Of MOH Heroes At War (pt2)
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Chris Caracci

Original SEAL Team 6, Undercover Narcotics, SWAT Operations, Stories Of MOH Heroes At War
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