Remi Adeleke

Details His Incredible Journey From Africa to Navy SEAL To Hollywood & The Grueling Fight Against Human Trafficking

In this episode, Marcus has the privilege of hosting a remarkable individual who has traversed diverse worlds – from the military to Hollywood, and beyond. Remi Adeleke, born in Nigeria, is not only an accomplished writer and actor but also a fierce advocate against organ trafficking. Join us as we delve into his incredible journey, from the streets of the Bronx to the high-stakes world of Navy SEALs and the glimmering lights of the entertainment industry.
Remi’s life story is one of resilience and determination. His world took a drastic turn following the death of his father. At just five years old, Remi, alongside his mother and brother, embarked on a new chapter in the Bronx, New York. Little did he know, this move would set the stage for a life of extraordinary experiences.
Driven by a profound sense of duty and an unyielding spirit, Remi enlisted in the Navy, but his journey didn’t stop there – he went on to join the elite Navy SEALs, specializing in combat medicine and HUMINT (Human Intelligence/tradecraft).
From the battlefield to the big screen, Remi’s transition into the world of Hollywood is a tale of its own. His notable roles in films such as “Ambulance” (2022), “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” (2023), and “Plane” (2023) highlight not only his acting prowess but also the breadth of his experiences.
Beyond the glamour of Hollywood, Remi is actively engaged in a cause close to his heart – combating organ trafficking. Drawing from personal experiences and a commitment to justice, Remi works tirelessly to raise awareness and combat this illicit trade. We explore the motivations behind his involvement in this critical issue and discuss the impact he hopes to make in the fight against organ trafficking.
Join us as we unravel the layers of this multifaceted individual, gaining insights into the extraordinary life of a man who continues to inspire others through his actions and advocacy.


In this episode you will hear:
• [Marcus] I wanted to be a Navy SEAL so bad, but I just thought it was impossible. (6:41)
• Every single day of my life I try to maintain a standard of excellence. (7:51)
• I feel like I owe it to guys who gave their lives. (8:01)
• I want to be excellent because I want to honor their legacy. (8:18)
• I love America. I’m not ashamed to say it. (8:31)
• It’s so interesting how so many people outside America see it, and love it, and want it. (9:03)
• [Marcus] When you really appreciate being an American is when you freakin’ leave. (9:19)
• A lot of people don’t know this, but Nigeria is a very rich country, because there’s so much oils, natural gas, gold, and minerals. (9:59)
• 9-11 played a role in me getting into the military. It’s bittersweet. (18:08)
• [Organ trafficking] is a multi-billion dollar industry. (23:27)
• There are some corrupt doctors that on the American border playing a role – “providing intelligence” to organ harvesters. (24:25)
• A woman in India traveled to New Delhi for a job. When she went to get a physical, she heard the nurse say to the doctor “this is the girl who’s giving these organs”. She ran out, alerted the police and uncovered a multimillion dollar organ harvesting ring, any of whom were doctors. (25:21)
• We’re not dealing with idiots. We’re dealing with intelligent people. (26:41)
• My feature film is called: “Unexpected Redemption.” (31:02)
• I love storytelling. I love taking and idea from the beginning, writing a screenplay, rolling a camera and shooting it. (32:03)
• It’s a very tough business to be in, but just that “no quit” attitude had stayed with me. (32:58)
It’s all about the story to me. What message can impact people the most? (33:56)
• Fear breeds fear; Calm breeds calm. (43:35)

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