#neverquitstory and #morelife


My name is Krista Thomson, and I live about an hour away from the TNQ headquarters-just down the road in College Station, TX (Gig’em Aggies!). I started listening to your podcast about a year and a half ago when my mom suggested that I give it a listen while driving (thanks Mom, I will be forever grateful!).

I am a coach at Orangetheory Fitness and a cancer survivor myself, so I am always looking for something inspirational to help me push myself and push others. As I listened to more and more episodes (I definitely binge listened to a lot of them!), I would casually tell these stories during the stretching portion of our workout.

After several people kept telling me that they loved the stories, I realized what an impact these stories could have on our members at the gym. I started a hashtag for each day of the week (#motivationmonday, #transformationtuesday, #wisdomwednesday, #throwdownthursday, #fightforitfriday, #superstarsaturday, and #sayitsunday) where I always bring them a #neverquit story.

At Orangetheory, we are all about giving our members more life, and your podcast inspired me to do that through stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things! The TNQ podcast, as well as people such as David Goggins, Wim Hof, James Lawrence, and Kirstie Ennis are now common names that circulate throughout OTF College Station. Many days, phrases like “when you think you are maxed out, you are only at 40%”, or “the only easy day was yesterday” can be heard as members push past what they think their limits are. Some of our members have even shared their own never quit stories!

If you ever get a chance, say hi to all of us at OTF College Station who tune in every week to hear the next never quit story and create more life. I just wanted you to know the impact you have had in our little corner of Texas-the ripple effect you have created to push people to be “more”. I want to say thank you for all that y’all do; it is changing lives!

Author: Krista