Keeping Veterans Alive & Active Outdoors!!

Hello my name is Lupe Lopez…I am an Army Texas veteran who did 2 year long Combat Tours to Iraq along side me is Billy Tompkins who is and Air Force Veteran and also served as a civilian contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan for 8 years after his active duty time….Well Billy and I started this a few years ago after I was drawn for a guided trip down at Falcon Lake where Billy was now a guide… We hit it off and started talking about wanting to get more Veteran’s involved and getting them out on the water… so we put together Bassin For The Brave!!! We are just 2 vets trying to help other vets out….I Live a Normal life with a Job and have a family of five.. my loving wife Elida two sons Logan who is 10, Layne who is 4 and one daughter name Kendal who is 9… they drive me to do the best that I can do for them… there is another passion that keeps going and that is Fishing!! It truly is a get away for me…I know there’s other veterans out there who would love to do the same but don’t have the means to do it therefore We put an event on once a year called Bassin For The Brave it gives veterans a chance to get out on the water And enjoy the outdoors….We are looking for Boaters to take Vets out and show them a great time on the water and show them they are appreciated…..This will be the 3rd year putting this event on and looking to grow…. With a little help from everyone we could make this a great yearly event for Vets all over South Tx and possibly even further out…. We are seeking sponsorship and Donations of any sort…. Anything would help for the event… If interested please contact me… Thank You!! 210-831-7116

Author: Lupe