My Struggle as a Young Man

I want to start this off by thanking you all for everything you have done, both in your military career as well as outside of it. You have truly helped me wake up my true self, and passion. My story starts as a child, too young. I moved to the good old US of A from Romania in 2006 when I was 7 years old. Living in Chicago was no easy task surrounded by bad influences. When I was 12 or 13 I was pressured into doing the “cool” thing, and taking pills. I started my long road of struggle, depression, and addiction to xanax as a 13 year old. This plagued me until the 4th of July, of this year, but more on the reason for that later. My addiction developed more on a weekly basis, until I was no longer myself, and I had no more morale, energy, or will to survive and thrive any longer. My lowest point was as an 18 year old, I was slipping from reality, and my body was taking the toll. I sustained many injuries due to carelessness including seizures, an almost severed thumb, and 6 fractures below the ankle on my left foot, as well as a broken arm. I had no burning fire inside me at that point, and I slipped into a depressive state beyond belief. I did not pay attention to the world, and the world paid no attention to me. On the 4th of July of 2018 I had a realization. What in the world am I doing, I am in the greatest country on this planet, and I am throwing away my opportunities and life. I decided to take my American strength, yes AMERICAN, not Romanian or anything else, and re ignite the burning fire that I once knew burned inside of me, inside all of us. I quit the pills, and the following months were the toughest of my life. The never quit mindset was the only thing that kept me alive, and pushed me to thrive. I always did well in school, and I went from a “loser” to a passionate young man with a very sharp mind by applying to Purdue University for Aerospace Engineering. I got in, and am currently writing this from my dorm room. I listen to your podcasts daily, to motivate me, to keep the fire going. I am truly living the American dream now, and I thank god everyday for being able to live in this country, being protected by the strongest, most courageous men and women on this planet; our military! Thank you for your movement, and thank you for the guidance you have gave me, without even knowing who I am. I am applying to multiple internships regarding the defense of our great country, and I will not quit until I achieve my dream!

Author: Luca