Nothing Matters Except Family

First thing first, Marcus and Rut y’all are the 2 most inspiring people I’ve ever listened to. TNQ podcast stories are like shooting epi into my veins. I’m a fire chief in a little town on the southwestern tip of MS. called West Hancock Fire Rescue. It’s right on the pearl river where some of your boys go and play, there’s a group of y’all out of Stennis that plays in the river all the time. My never quit story never ends, my first story was Hurricane Katrina. It was the first time I’ve felt empty and not knowing which way to go, but being the man of the house with a wife and 2 beautiful girls 3 and 8, I had to keep my head up and take us down the path of rebuilding after losing everything we owned. So that was 2005. Then comes 2008 guess what, Hurricane Gustav comes barreling in and we lose everything again. We was just starting to get things back to normal, then gone again. So here I was again trying to be strong again for the family, at this point it’s like what do we do now. So here we go again, lets start getting beds, sofas, appliances, clothes, you know everything in a house. OK so you like glad all that’s behind you then guess what. 2012 here comes hurricane Isaac, and guess what, yep we lose everything for the third time. Now mind you we have moved every time, so this was the third location where we lost everything we owned. So as far as NEVER QUIT that’s the only way I’ve made it in life. I kept faith in God that he would provide for my family, and he has NEVER left us needing. Then in 2014 my mom, who was everything to me got Anal cancer and she fought hard for a year, before that ruthless killer took her from. So I’ve learned in life, you can look around your house, things that means the world to you are nothing but materialistic things, in the end ALL we have and the ONLY thing that should matter the most to you are family and friends PERIOD. Marcus I commend you brother for never giving up on 6-28-2005 which by the way was my mother’s birthday June 28th. Your story and the stories of the people on the show give me hope and strength every time I listen to them. Hell I go back and listen to them over and over again sometimes cause how they make me feel. Thank y’all so much for the sacrifice y’all gave for my families freedom. Rut your infectious attitude is awesome, guys from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Author: Glen