There’s no strength without struggle

Dear TNQ,
Ive been following your podcast for a while now – and its great what you’re doing.

I was born in Sth Africa, Dad was in the military and as Im sure you’re aware the late 60s and 70s weren’t a fun time there.
It came to a head when Dad took his work jeep to a neighbours to check the Avery – he frequently had to shoot snakes etc that were in there. He ran out of gas to walked home – that night the house got bombed so we left and settled in Mums home country of New Zealand.

I’ve been a martial arts coach most of my life and after 20 years of teaching Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I badly damaged my back, lost my business, left my wife and found myself homeless. After two failed surgeries, learning to walk twice, 16 pills a day and non stop spasms all day every day – I found myself crawling around the house for years. One day after being stuck on the kitchen floor for hours in the worst spasm I climbed up to the bench and sat there with a steak knife on my wrist – I even rang my mum crying and said Id found my limit – I couldn’t take anymore…

That day changed my life – I really had to dig deep and find the strength to not do it. I needed a reason – and it was my son I never see…

The desire to stay alive and push through to be able to see him again…

I threw out all the pain killers – I decided I needed to stop drugging myself and really truly understand the pain in order to deal with and crush it. It happened just that way – as soon as I dumped all the pills and cleared my mind I found it so much easier to deal with it.

Eventually I got back on my feet, its a long story Id love to share with your listeners – but basically I tuned my life around and saw the light at the end of the tunnel and hold on with two hands – I’m now a mountain bike coach and running a bike related business –

You guys have the right message, Id love to share my experience as a civilian who through a martial arts coach for most of my life – the strength and persistence bestowed upon me by my father has kept me alive and thriving. Persistence Overcomes Resistance is my motto. There’s No strength without Struggle. ANY progress is Progress.

I live by these every day.

Melbourne, Australia – (yeah I heard Shaun Ryan say he wants to come over) He should Id love to meet him and contribute to your message.

Author: Robert