Michael Halterman

1st Marine Raider Battalion & VP of "The Honor Foundation" Recounts His Time In The Military & Success After Service

Welcome friends, to this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. In today’s episode, Marcus has the honor of hosting Michael G Halterman, the Vice President of Operations at The Honor Foundation. With a career spanning over two decades, Michael has a wealth of experience, particularly in operations, leadership, and the military and veterans education sectors. His mission consists of a commitment to help fellow veterans navigate the transition process, ensuring they find their unique path and thrive in the process.
Michael served as a Marine Infantryman for 10 years and is a Plank Owner of 1st Marine Raider Battalion. His profound respect for Special Operators is deeply rooted in his experiences and dedication to the military community.
His story is a testament to the power of a clear personal why and the impact of laser focus in achieving remarkable goals. Join us as we explore the lessons learned and the wisdom gained through Michael’s diverse and impactful career.


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 In this episode you will hear:
• I grew up waving the red, white, and blue. (4:58)
• Growing up in the 80s, guns weren’t like pink and purple. (6:59)
• I was a kid running around with tri-color camo on and realistic-looking guns. (7:05)
• [In the military] I got to learn about life. People from other cultures, because you really don’t know nothing growing up in a small town. (8:28)
• The first thing I remember pulling into Southern Nasiriya, [Iraq]. It was the first time I had seen American vehicles with bullet holes in them – on fire – American military uniforms with blood on them – Helmets tipped over. (12:48)
• How do you go from spending as much time in the military as [the time] I’ve had on the planet? (45:35)
• [The Honor Foundation] is fully designed for you to explore all opportunities in a safe space.  (48:22)
• [The Honor Foundation] is an executive-style education, and it’s three months long. (50:15)
• The big differentiator of who we are at the Honor Foundation is that the entire first phase has nothing to do with LinkedIn, resume’s or any of that. We make these dudes figure out who they are again. (51:44)
• Who are you when no one cares about rank anymore; no one cares about sniper school; no one cares that you can free fall. They wanna know who you are, and before you can tell them that, you have to know who you are. And you have to articulate that well. (52:04)
• The reality is… you’re gonna have to struggle with who you are, who your community is, how to make sense of the world, and the purpose and meaning of life for a while. (61:31)
• We advocate the best time to get a job is when you have a job. (62:40)
• At no time do we tell them what to do. We empower them to go do what they want to do. (70:29)

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