Lone Survivor Foundation

with Air Force Master Sergeant John “Spike” Garcia and Marine Clayton "Clay" Cook

A path to healing from invisible wounds. That’s the mantra for today’s Team Never Quit guests, Retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant John “Spike” Garcia and Marine Clayton “Clay” Cook from The Lone Survivor Foundation. Their sole purpose is to support veterans after their service to this great country. They’re teaching strategies to manage Post-traumatic Stress, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and chronic pain – taking back your life.

The Lone Survivor Foundation offers both Face-to-Face & Virtual Programs, at no cost. All it takes is for you to be ready to take the next step on your journey. Once the Service Member has attended an Individual Program, couples and their families can qualify for the program as well. Service Members (both active duty and Veterans) from all military branches and service eras, experiencing symptoms as a result of service are eligible.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How the Lone Survivor Foundation and Team Never Quit go hand-in-hand
  • The Lone Survivor Foundation provides a holistic approach to treatment and addresses the entire family.
  • It’s the only program that does Accelerated Resolution Therapy. “I got more out of it in three hours than I had in 18 years.”
  • The spouse is the first one that is affected by what the veteran is going through, followed by family members and friends, and the ripple effect can affect businesses and coworkers as well.
  • Once the vet goes through the treatment, the spouse & family can assist in their recovery.
  • Q: How do you know if you’re a good fit for the program?
    A: Go to LoneSurvivorFoundation.org and take a self-assessment. You don’t have to be diagnosed, you only need to be suffering from symptoms.

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