Korie Robertson

Star of 'Duck Dynasty' Talks Early Life w/ Willie & Producing New Movie 'The Blind'

Welcome to the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell, the show where we dive deep into the lives and experiences of remarkable individuals from various walks of life.
In today’s episode, Marcus has the pleasure of speaking with Korie Robertson, best known for her role on the hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.” Korie is not only a beloved television personality but also an author, philanthropist, and advocate for family values. Join us as we explore her journey from the duck blind to the spotlight and beyond.
Korie tells her 4th grade story of unknowingly meeting her husband-to be, Willie. She shares early memories of hunting and the importance of faith and family in her upbringing.
Korie reflects on the unexpected success of “Duck Dynasty” and the impact of the show on their family dynamics and values. She has a deep-rooted faith which guided her through the highs and lows of fame.
Korie’s journey goes beyond Duck Dynasty into the world of writing and her books that focus on family and faith. She is also a producer of a new film, “The Blind,” executive produced by Willie Robertson, shedding light on the journey of the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, and his early struggles with alcohol before he turned his life around with the help of his faith and his family.

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In this episode you will hear:
• Willie is one of those people that can make you laugh. I think he’s gonna keep me young. (6:33)
• I actually met Willie in fourth grade at summer camp. (15:15)
• [Growing up] Willie’s family had one double bed for the four boys. You just slept wherever you could find a spot. (16:25)
• I’ll never forget meeting Phil. He had this big, black beard and it was intimidating. [He said of his boys] they’re gonna be good husbands someday. They’re good hunters, good fishermen. They’re gonna be great providers. He was right. (16:50)
• When Willie was about 30, he decided to go back to work for Duck Commander. (17:59)
• [While on a train in Europe] we were asleep in the [train] car and robbers grabbed one of our friends backpack. Willie chased them down. They dropped the backpack and got it back. (20:16)
• I feel like Willie and I brought in some fresh life and excitement for the family company and started running the website out of our house, and taking orders at 2am. (23:03)
• Be who you are. Don’t try to fit into the mold that someone else says you should be. (26:59)
• There’s a loneliness that comes that comes [with stardom] which you wouldn’t expect cause everybody loves you, but actually you’re in isolation. (28:28)
• The blessings were way bigger than whatever the negatives were. (29:51)
• You grow from hardships. (29:57)
• God doesn’t use people that are perfect. He rarely uses someone that’s perfect. He chooses someone who’s weak. Then His glory is made known. (38:40)
• If you’ve been rescued from the pit, the more you understand grace. (39:27)
• [The movie brings] a message of redemption, and the message that nobody is too far gone. (48:22)
• Things can change and there’s always hope. (48:48)

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