Kirk “Doc” Parsley

Retired Navy SEAL: Mastering Elite Performance through Health, Wellness & Quality Sleep

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Dr. Kirk Parsley joins Marcus in the podcast studio to share his journey from living a seemingly hopeless childhood, to becoming a Navy SEAL, to becoming a leading authority on the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being.
Learn about the pivotal moments that led him to focus on sleep as a critical factor in human performance.Dr. Parsley breaks down the alarming statistics and dives deep into the sleep crisis and discusses the societal and medication-related factors contributing to the widespread lack of quality sleep, and the profound impact it has on physical and mental health.
As a former Navy SEAL, Dr. Parsley understands the significance of peak performance. Discover his insights into how optimizing sleep can enhance cognitive function, physical endurance, and overall resilience.
Dr. Parsley has dedicated himself to developing effective sleep remedies to address the challenges many face in achieving restorative sleep. He brings to light the science behind his remedies and how they can be integrated into daily routines for improved sleep quality.
Whether you’re a high-performing individual seeking optimization or someone struggling with sleep issues, this episode offers valuable insights to help you unlock the full potential of a good night’s sleep.

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In this episode you will hear:
• I was terrible student my whole life. (5:10)
• I got told I was stupid all the time; felt I was stupid but I was fast, strong and athletic. I used to get in lots of fights. (5:33)
• Our families values were if you can serve in the military, you should. (6:10)
• I didn’t have any good male role models. (6:21)
• [My mom and stepdad] were married 8 years. I was grounded for 7 years and 6 months of that. (8:19)
• I literally had my 3rd grade teacher yell to the whole class that I was the dumbest kid she ever taught in her life. (8:57)
• My stepdad told me I was dumb every day. (9:03)
• {After excelling academically in military training] I thought “Well shit, maybe I’m not so dumb after all.” (11:46)
• They walked us around to the different SEAL teams, and they said, “Here’s your dream list; put down what SEAL team you want to go to. It was at that moment I realized, “I don’t know what a SEAL does.” (12:35)
• I didn’t know I was getting paid. I figured they’re gonna give me a place to live, a uniform, a place to eat. What do I need money for? That’s how naive I was. (15:01)
• [When I learned that the] military had its own medical school, I figured I‘d give back to the SEAL teams – I’ll give back to the community that made me who I am. (21:12)
• Because I had been a team guy, and guys trusted me, 1 guy comes in [with a problem], then 2, 4, 6. Within a month I gad 100 guys come in telling me the exact same issues. I thought they were rehearsed. (24:01)
• I got to learn a lot pretty quick, and learned a lot of non-traditional stuff. [Because] I can’t put people on prescription medication either. (25:19)
• It turns out that Ambien destroys 80% of REM sleep. (20:04)
• [Melanie] Q: So you have a branded sleep supplement?
[Dr. Parsley] A: Yes. Doc Parsley Sleep Remedy.
• This is the most vindicating story of my life. SOCOM hired me, and they had all of the healthcare providers in one room and I did a six hour lecture, and they still use it to this day. (40:18)
• We need a pipeline [for veterans dealing with mental issues]. Right now the only pipeline is once people have the barrel in their mouth. (59:11)

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