Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

If you have endured a spinal cord injury, read this article to know the challenges and how I overcame them. So read more. I work for National Grid (power company). On may 21st 2019, I was involved in a major accident at work and with the help of the fall accident attorney I was able to regain back to my original shape. In such situations, consider a reputed law firm like Paré & Associates, LLC who can help you get the compensation for the injury and damages caused.  You can also take the help of reputed auto injury lawyers for Chinese speakers to recover compensation. My wife was 6 months pregnant at the time and I also had a 18month old daughter. I was working at of a bucket, like any other day. A tool tray that was attached to the bucket that I was working out of and leaning on, broke off. I proceeded to follow it over the side of the bucket. I contacted 8,000 volts through my neck and chest area. The voltage exited through my left leg when I contacted the system neutral. I then fell 40ft to the ground. I was revived by my team on the ground and rushed to the hospital.

I spent a week in the ICU and 5 more weeks at the hospital. I lost all function of my lower extremities while at the hospital. About a month into my stay, I began to get slight movement in my legs and feet. I then spent another 6 weeks at Spaulding rehab hospital in Boston where I began my fight to learn to walk again. I went home in August 13th 2019. I have continued outpatient therapy at Day Kimball hospital since returning home. I mad my way through walking with a walker, crutches and currently have made it to moving around with just a cane, at home and in small settings. I still have to use a wheelchair for long trips. I have begun taking unassisted steps with no devices at therapy about a month ago. It’s not pretty by any means but I’m moving. I have never quit on myself and never will.

I was a big runner and life long athlete before the accident and I want those things back with a passion!! I’ve been able to get onto a spin bike to get some frustration out. Again, not the prettiest thing ever but it’s something to fill the void of running. I walk daily for at least an hour on a treadmill, holding on to both rails and have recently got into a pool for aqua therapy. I will continue to fight, even on days when it’s the last thing I want to do. I know where I want to be and I will never quit fighting to get there! Your podcast has given me inspiration on the days when it’s just not there. I humbly thank you guys for that! Keep hammering and never give up!!

Author: Jay