Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

I work for National Grid (power company). On may 21st 2019, I was involved in a major accident at work. My wife was 6 months pregnant at the time and I also had a 18month old daughter. I was working at of a bucket, like any other day. A tool tray that was attached to the bucket that I was working out of and leaning on, broke off. I proceeded to follow it over the side of the bucket. I contacted 8,000 volts through my neck and chest area. The voltage exited through my left leg when I contacted the system neutral. I then fell 40ft to the ground. I was revived by my team on the ground and rushed to the hospital.

I spent a week in the ICU and 5 more weeks at the hospital. I lost all function of my lower extremities while at the hospital. About a month into my stay, I began to get slight movement in my legs and feet. I then spent another 6 weeks at Spaulding rehab hospital in Boston where I began my fight to learn to walk again. I went home in August 13th 2019. I have continued outpatient therapy at Day Kimball hospital since returning home. I mad my way through walking with a walker, crutches and currently have made it to moving around with just a cane, at home and in small settings. I still have to use a wheelchair for long trips. I have begun taking unassisted steps with no devices at therapy about a month ago. It’s not pretty by any means but I’m moving. I have never quit on myself and never will.

I was a big runner and life long athlete before the accident and I want those things back with a passion!! I’ve been able to get onto a spin bike to get some frustration out. Again, not the prettiest thing ever but it’s something to fill the void of running. I walk daily for at least an hour on a treadmill, holding on to both rails and have recently got into a pool for aqua therapy. I will continue to fight, even on days when it’s the last thing I want to do. I know where I want to be and I will never quit fighting to get there! Your podcast has given me inspiration on the days when it’s just not there. I humbly thank you guys for that! Keep hammering and never give up!!

Author: Jay