I am a psychologist, author, podcast host and homicide survivor. But, to back up…. My husband of 10 years went missing in July of 1985. A week later I was called into the Homicide Division of the DPD and told he’d been dismembered and found in a shallow grave in bog. They asked me to identify his body parts. They also told me he’d led a secret life for 18 months as “Dr. Miller” and had been giving out a lot of cash – our money (I feared bankruptcy).

It was a lot to take in. The press went nuts. After the preliminary exam I sidestepped the trial (where the defendants were convicted) and eventually left Detroit, changed my name and started over. I did not speak of it for 30 years. Eventually three nearly-simultaneous events called me out of the shadows (one was being diagnosed with cancer) and I connected with other homicide survivors, wrote “A Life Divided” and now host “Domino Effect of Murder.” This is “the story” in a nutshell.

Author: Jan