Keep Driving Those Legs

Hello team never quit. Thank you for your podcast, I listen religiously. I am an Army infantry vet and did two deployments in Iraq up in Kirkuk 06-07 and part of the surge in Baquba/Sadr city. I am writing to tell y’all my never quit story.

I was born to a very poor family and am the only to graduate high school. My time in Iraq taught me how to keep driving and never ever quit. My BCT took 25% casualties but the mission always had to go on. This taught me that nothing ever can get in my way if I drive harder. Since getting out I have stumbled many times, but I never quit and kept moving those legs. I now write to you holding 3 degrees and having a very productive career. My family is happy and healthy and I couldn’t value my experiences more. Thank you so much for spreading the never quit message, we need it now more than ever!!!



Author: Tommy