Everybody Can Never Quit

I’m nobody special. I’m 44, husband and father of 2, and have led a life of skimming by. At my age now, I honestly can say that my biggest regret in life is I never served my country.
At age 43, I was over 310 lbs. 20 years of pizza, burgers and beer in front of the TV had turned me from the highschool athlete I thought I was into a fat unhealthy guy. My son, age 15, is an incredible baseball player and I’d let myself turn into a man that couldn’t even get up and go play catch with my boy.
I decided to take action. I have a beautiful wife who deserves to have a husband that can keep up with her and not look like a slob. My kids are crazy active and I’d like to do as much as I can with them while I can. So, I decided it’s time to get healthy. I put down the beer, closed the pizza box and turned the TV off. I’m 6 months into my journey and already down to 250. I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without getting winded, bench pressing 95lbs was difficult, and running was impossible. Now, I’m benching over 200, squatting near 300, riding the stairmaster like a rodeo rider and actually running sprints. I discovered several podcasts that pushed me.
Listening to you guys, Jocko, Tim Kennedy, all American soldiers that I look at with highest admiration. Everytime I get to that point where I think I’m done, I hurt, I’m sweating, and I’m tired, I will just mumble to myself “Don’t Quit”.
I never thought of writing you guys until this past weekend, after my 44th birthday. I’d spent the weekend doing fun stuff with my family and allowing myself to eat the foods I enjoy. Two days of eating crap food and I felt horrible. Both because I’d let myself give into that temptation but also physically horrible. I jumped on the eliptical at my gym and hit 20 minutes on the timer. About minute 15, I hit that wanna quit point. Instead of giving in, I just kept powering thru, mumbling “Don’t Quit” to myself for the next 5 minutes. Just so happened, your episode with Captain Plumb was in my earbuds.
My exploits don’t compare to a man like Cpt. Plumb, but they still mean something to me. Stepping off that machine, sweat pouring down my whole body, everything aching, I can say “I didn’t quit”. My goal is 220 lbs with several fitness goals in there too. As long as I hear the stories of these Heroes, I have everything I need to “Never Quit”.

Author: Jeff