Mission to over come.

About 3 years ago, I seemed I hit bottom. All at once my family was dying of cancer including my cat. I lost my girlfriend too. This all within a weeks time. I seemed to be stuck in the suck. Alone, I was angry at my situation. It seemed to suck more when I dewelt on all that was going wrong and out of my control. I was at a cross roads in life. I could go down a dark path or I could illuminate. Then I reflected on my original innate path. Something, I originally wanted to do. I wanted to be a Navy Seal. I seemed to get sidelined from a lifeguard injury and belived what others told me that were in the navy at the time. That, I would not have a shot becuase of the injury(That was a mistake on my part. Don’t listen to the nea sayers) Instead, I became a NYC Cop. I eventually worked in a special unit in the transit system. I had loads of fun preserving peace, helping people and correcting bad . Then one day on overtime, I blew my knee out, fighting with a pic pocket on a staircase in Time Square. After that I went through hell with the injury, the job as well as family. Outcasted in all ways and left to learn to walk on my own without therapy. I became my own best friend and got in the pool and swam. I eventually left my cain at home. I told myself, I am going to walk; even if I have to fall every few feet up the block. untill I don’t fall any more. I eventually did. I still fall every now and then but, now I smile when i do; cause I beat it for the most part. Getting back to three years ago and the suck. I decided that i was going to do something about the suck. I was going to be a seal for me. No Navy cause I was too old and labled crippled at this point. I just was going to train me for me at my level until i got better and felt fullfilled. My goal was actually to fail. I did and did again. Untill I did’nt. So, I looked for guidence. I found froglogic (David Rutherford) exactly what i was looking for. Thank the Gods! It put me in motion and gave me momentum. I crawled out of suck and excelled in ways unimaginable. I lost 40lbs in the first month. It all happened because my mind changed. My thoughts changed. My preception had advantages. I drank more water. After all frogs need more water. I even looked younger then i should have. I felt like I was 18 and full of energy. This seeking out mentors has brought me through some other schools of thought. Like Sealteamchallenge, kokoro yoga and Mark Devines books and now all the differnt podcast that go with it including TeamNeverQuit. I Also have to mention Marcus Luttrell’s books. From being down in the suck I have now champed up and met a New Girl and bought a house and am looking forward to possible a family. I apply what i have learned from my mentors via the programs everyday and night, plus continue to seek more knowledge. I have even thought of ways to add to their programs for possble betterment. All and all, I learned that if you have real integrity to the situaion, are true to your self, travel with an open mind, are vigilant to what is going on around you and inside of you; you can acheive unimaginable greatness. This is as long as you are true and stay true on your path and never give up!

Author: George