My Struggle With Weight

For my whole life, ive struggled with weight. Ever since i was 8 i became an unnaturally large boy and struggled day by day with obesity. I couldnt climb a few stairs without being completely out of breath. It drew unwanted attention from bullies. Eventually i had enough. At the age of 11 i was the heaviest ive ever been at 325lbs. I would always attempt to lose it but id always procrastinate. Eventually, with the help of your podcast and my best friend Christopher, i began my path to success. We hit the gym weekly to do cardio, and we began counting calories. My goal was 200lbs. I was desperate for it. I didnt want to be another victim of diabetes or any of the other side effects of obesity. And after so much sweat went into it, i hit my goal a few months ago. Now im 190lbs, with a new goal of 175. Thanks to you, the motto of Never Quitting has brought out the flame in my soul. Ive never felt so good and i wont stop anytime soon. Thank you for all your efforts.

Author: Zachary