Dr. Terry Fossum

World-Renowned Veterinarian Surgeon, Entrepreneur & Author Discusses Her Ground-Breaking Medicine's For Dogs

A Passion for Animal Wellness.
Welcome to this week’s episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, where we explore the fascinating world of veterinary medicine and animal wellness. In today’s episode, we are honored to have a distinguished guest, Dr. Terry Fossum, a world-renowned and board-certified veterinary surgeon. Dr. Fossum is a leading figure in the field of veterinary surgery, having earned international acclaim for her expertise.
She is the author of a best-selling textbook on small animal surgery, a testament to her deep knowledge and commitment to advancing veterinary practices.
With over 18,000 surgeries under her belt, Dr. Fossum has dedicated her career to the well-being of animals, striving to ensure that pets lead healthy and happy lives.
As a respected authority in the veterinary world, Dr. Fossum has been invited to deliver over 1,000 lectures to veterinarians worldwide. Her insights have shaped the knowledge and skills of professionals across the globe.
Her contributions extend beyond the operating room. Dr. Fossum’s commitment to education and sharing her expertise has left an indelible mark on the veterinary community.

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  • Products include:
    • CBD (Great for Anxiety & Mobility)
    • Topical product for scratching (w/ Oleander)
    • Product for cognitive dysfunction in dogs
    • COMING SOON: Really amazing, oral anti-itch product & a cardiac support product!
In this episode you will hear:
• In my world, I do soft tissue surgery. I don’t even do orthopedic anymore. (9:54)
• When I was at A&M, with the help of then governor Perry, we built a large laboratory practice facility. (11:06)
• [Oleander] could be one of the most amazing natural compounds we have ever identified. (12:30)
• Senescent cells are the reason that we age.  I think we can slow it down. (13:50)
• We do want to live longer and healthier. (13:47)
• As the number of divisions that a cell has continues, eventually they start making mistakes.  (14:07)
• Some cells become senescent, which means they no longer divide. They sit in our body and secrete really inflammatory substances. (14:53)
• If you give a chemotherapeutic to a person, you drive some cells into senescence. And those cells are no longer going to respond to the chemotherapeutic. (16:06)
• Q: How much do you think it costs to get a drug approved through the FDA?
A: 2 Billion Dollars [$2,000,000,000)  (17:30)
• When I hear that saying: “Dogs are man’s best friend”, what I think of is that dogs really are man’s best friend. (36:16)
• [Marcus] A dog’s love – Dog and God – that love that they show – unconditional – I wish I could love like that. (37:02)
• Oleander and a couple of synolytics and I think we have a great product that we will all take. (60:07)
• You can tell what kind of people people are by the way they treat their animals. (61:34)
•  [Marcus: My dog, Mr. Rigby, a service canine] Boy, he was my best friend, I loved him and he never said one word to me. (63:32)
• Marcus: When I was a young man going to the SEAL teams, people weren’t SEALS would make up all these grand stories about what it took to get through the program: They give you a puppy, and you have to raise him, and then you gotta kill him. I had to go through [my service dog] Mr. Rigby. And I was the one who had to put him down. I’ve never felt any kind of pain like that. (64:54)

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