DJ Shipley

Navy SEAL and CEO of Tribe Sk8z w/ Special Guest Navy SEAL "Fatty"

Today, DJ & “Fatty” join us on the show to give us some perspective related to “after military” life, and the pursuit of a dream. In their case it was going from “what the hell do I do now?” to actually turning a deep love for art into a successful business – Art therapy. Ahh, but not just any art therapy – custom skateboard designs: new school, old school, and longboards. And Tribe SK8Z was born. And in that, they have found a satisfying outlet, living an aggressive lifestyle, tattoos and supporting veteran charities, while creating unique skateboards for military and Gold Star families, and anyone else who desires a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

These guys inspire us to deal with life’s challenges head-on and perform at our highest potential by doing what we were born to do.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Never give up. Never quit.
  • If there was anything in the world you’d want to do, what would it be?
  • If it doesn’t have a threat of killing you, it’s probably not worth doing.
  • There are far too many hopeless veterans without direction.
  • Being electrocuted with 60,000 volts is quite a ride. (You gotta hear the details)
  • There are days you can be an emotional wreck – it ain’t time to suffer in silence. Reach out to a friend.
  • After enduring surf torture, you can really grab attention by jumping back into the surf, while everyone else is dying.
  • With a never quit attitude, you too can hop on a 50+ foot wave in Hawaii, three weeks after double shoulder surgery.
  • We’ve had hurdles but we never quit. We once raised $22,000 in 35 minutes to support a cause.
  • Your family and friends can help pull you out of depression & suicidal hole. I wouldn’t be alive without them.
  • Overmedication can have lifelong implications.
  • Don’t stay away from marriage counseling.
  • You don’t have to go through shit alone – reach out – you gotta talk to somebody.

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