Dale Brisby

Netflix Star, Comedian & Host of 'Rodeo Time Podcast,' Joins Us Through An Exclusive Episode Swap

In this week’s incredible Team Never Quit episode, legendary bull rider and Netflix reality superstar Dale Brisby (How to Be a Cowboy) brings a brand of toughness, determination, fun, truth and faith to the table. From Facebook to Snapchat to TikTok, this guy has attracted thousands with his hilarious cowboy-lifestyle videos. Brisby is the self-proclaimed greatest rodeo cowboy on the planet, and shares an engaging conversation with Marcus Luttrell in the Team Never Quit studios. You’ll see pretty quickly that Dale Brisby is not your typical rancher. And you’ll hear – firsthand – how a future bull-riding rodeo comes to life at Dale’s Radiator Ranch.

Dale Brisby:
– IG: dalebrisby


In this episode you will hear:
• I didn’t come here to get hurt. I came here to hurt you. (1:43)
• There’s 2 opposite ends of the spectrum in our community. What happened to me is the worst, and it lets you know how much we can take, and Robby’s [O’Neill] lets you know how great we can be.  (6:07)
• I probably cost the taxpayers a lot of money. (6:35)
• I remember walking onto a village and they’d never seen a white dude. You could tell by the look on their face. (9:09)
• Short of ray guns, we got all kinds of toys. You can’t believe it. (9:45)
• You look completely different when you climb on that bull.
• I could give you the world, but if I don’t give you any discipline, you won’t own anything. (13:25)
• When you step into the arena you’re supposed to be in, you light up. (14:00)
• If you’re standing there and there’s someone taking pain with you, especially if there’s other dudes dying, and they don’t go anywhere, it changes everything. (20:02)
• The greatest gift I ever got is when someone knows not only will I take pain with them – I’ll die with them. (20:10)
• A little suffering goes a long way. (20:52)
• Jumping on a grenade is the epitome of a servant’s heart, but he only had two seconds and that was his knee jerk reaction, because his brothers were in there. (21:40)
• Most of our life is picking on each other. That’s how you know they love you. (24:26)
• Once you get your ass kicked in the military – if you come back with a good attitude, that’s good. (31:28)
• Jocko took his boys in there. He would go out in the daytime and run an American flag to start a fight. He was like “C’mon bitches. You wanna start a fight? I’m here.” (33:12)
• The Navy owns us, but the Army and Marine Corps own the battle spaces, so when we get put in there it’s at the behalf of them. (34:35)
• If God puts an elk within bow range of you that is God telling you that is your elk for this hunt. (39:38)
• There is being humble, and then there’s being so humble you don’t use the gifts you’ve been given. (39:46)
• We all appreciate each other’s world because we appreciate how hard something is. (40:22)
• The perspective it (hell week) gives you in your life, is you can do anything. (43:54)
• There’ll be some stuff you go through that’s simple for someone, but difficult for you. (44:34)
• Everyone fails down here. That’s part of life. Get that out of your head. (45:55)
• There’s a big difference between training to fight and actually being in one. (64:09)

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