Crafting ‘Warhorse One’

Johnny Strong Shares his Filmmaking Journey w/ Navy SEAL Mikey Sauers & Marine Samantha Bonilla

Join us in this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, as Marcus takes a deep dive into the extraordinary career of Johnny Strong – actor, director, martial artist, and filmmaker. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation a behind-the-scenes look into the multifaceted world of entertainment and creativity. Johnny discusses the inspirations behind his projects and how his diverse skill set shapes his storytelling.

Johnny’s Film credits include; Get Carter, The Fast and Furious, Black Hawk Down, to Sinners and Saints, Daylight’s End, and now in his directorial debut in Warhorse One. He also shares some very interesting on-location adventures you’ll find very interesting.

Johnny is joined by Marine Samantha Bonilla, and Mikey Sauers, U.S. Navy SEAL, co-founder of Forged, as well as the Mike Murphy challenge.

Watch ‘Warhorse One’ Here:
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– forgedmike


In this episode you will hear:
• For anybody that wants to be good at anything, you always want to maintain a humble state of “I’m a learner.” (16:40)
• The goal is to find the truth. The goal is to remove all the affectation and barriers we create to protect the self. (20:05)
• At 40, you almost begin a second life. (36:49)
• A man has 2 lives – the one he lives, and then the one he lives when he realizes he only has one. (37:03)
• As an actor, you are waiting for other people to give you an opportunity to do what you want to do. (37:22)
• [When my daughter was] two and a half years old, I had this moment and we made a conscious connection. It’s eternal. My thought was: How do I share that with the world? (44:33)
• The story of Warhorse One is kind of a metaphor for becoming a father. (45:45)
• The man you are before that, and the life you live, and the things that are important to you, after that moment when you have that profound connection [with your child] – your child is all that matters. (45:52)
• Everybody can be good at something. (68:39)
• In as much as we think we’re in control, there’s only a small amount that we can actually control. (73:15)
• If you could be that beacon for somebody out there, even if somebody watches a movie and says, “That’s awesome I’m moved to be a Navy SEAL.” How many people have said to me, “I watched Blackhawk Down, and I joined the Army.” (97:14)
• My Type A personality is that I’m not gonna quit. (105:17)
•  I’m not doing it for money –this is just my offering to God, the Creator. (111:17)

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