Cooper Collins

"The Mad Scientist" On Inventing Groundbreaking Medicines & His Success In Serial Entrepreneurship

Join us in this week’s fascinating episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, with your host, retired Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell. Today we have a truly exceptional guest joining us – Cooper Collins. Cooper is a visionary leader in the field of biopharmaceuticals, making groundbreaking strides in medical treatments that are changing lives. He explains the science behind truly remarkable products, and witnessing patients regain their quality of life – their team’s ultimate reward.
Cooper’s work is a testament to the incredible impact that dedication and innovation can have on people’s lives.


In this episode you will hear:
• I want to leave this world having created a company or a product or that really helps people, long after I’m gone, that my kids can see and my grandkids can see. (2:43)
• I’m always trying to find something that nobody else can figure out, then we try to figure it out. (11:55)
• I don’t care who you are, what kind of grades you made, how smart you think you are – if you focus 100% of your effort on one thing, you’re gonna do great things in that area. (20:33)
• I was one of the few guys that never quit. (33:37)
• I was a 29 year old public company CEO, the youngest one on the street by probably 30 years at that time. (38:17)
• The fun was born to focus on early stage bio-tech, early stage drug development, and medical devices. (38:58)
• It’s the small companies that invent these great things that the big companies buy. They need the money so bad that they’re not all willing to sign a development agreement. (44:02)
• 90% of the most promising projects don’t make it to market. (47:52)
• Great things [we try to develop], if they fail, we move on and try to do another great thing. (59:31)
• Product in development:  EON Laser, a robotic body contouring device – AI guided. (60:53)
• The dermatology space may be the first specialty to be replaced by AI. (62:59)
• They do have mini X-Rays now that are really safe for small body parts, you could actually have it at home. (65:01)
• Other products discussed include incredible improvements for stroke recovery & mobility. (65:48)
• Product in development: A laser that, in 20 minutes, can remove 6mmof fat. It eliminates liposuction. (70:36)
• Anti-aging Treatment: Your brain is wired to think that it should repair everything to your peak reproductive year. For men, it’s 22 years of age and for women, it’s 32 years of age.
In the last hundred years, we’ve gone from an average life expectancy of 35 or 40 to 80, because health care has advanced. The magic is to trick your brain into thinking that you have not hit your peak reproductive mode. (74:03)

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