Cole Lyle

Marine Vet & Founder of Kaya's K9's, on Service Animal Advocacy & The PAWS Act

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus and Melanie are honored to have Cole Lyle, a passionate advocate for veterans’ well-being and the driving force behind Mission Roll Call and the PAWS Act. Cole speaks of the experiences that led him to become a tireless advocate for veterans, including the inception of Mission Roll Call, shedding light on its mission to connect veterans with resources, support, and a community that understands their unique challenges.
He also has been actively championing the significance of the PAWS (Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers) Act, which aims to provide service dogs to veterans struggling with physical and mental health challenges.
Marcus and Melanie extend their heartfelt gratitude to Cole for his unwavering dedication to supporting veterans through Mission Roll Call and the PAWS Act.
If you’d like to learn more or get involved, visit:


In this episode you will hear:
• I’m a 7th generation Texan (3:46)
• I actually joined the military straight out of High School. (7:03)
• I was an Eagle Scout.  (8:11)
• When you enlist, they give you a rank for it [Being an Eagle Scout]. (8:27)
• I didn’t have a positive male influence except for my scout masters and football coaches. (9:11)
• There’s a tangible benefit of having a group of people that come from all walks of life. You come from such diverse backgrounds, you forget all your differences and your bullshit to accomplish a mission. (10:35)
• 67% of Gen-Z does not know a veteran or someone on active duty. (11:56)
• That [Marine] uniform has gotten so many guys and girls. (15:05)
• The majority of casualties in GWOT came from fuel convoys. (17:15)
• Men and women get out, and they have to learn how to be an adult again. (25:53)
• One night I spiraled down about that far away from being a suicide statistic. Another marine came and banged on my door. I was actually surprised that him banging on the door didn’t jerk my finger. (28:42)
• My mindset went from ”I have nothing” to “I have the opportunity to do anything.” (29:05)
• 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (29:16)
• She [Kaya) was specifically trained to recognize when I was having a nightmare and she’d jump on the bed and lick my face, wake me up, and stay with me until my heartrate went down. Or she would recognize when I was having an anxiety attack and would do animal assisted intervention, where she’d get up in my face and distract me to keep the snowball effect from getting worse. (31:38)
• You may have kids, you may have a wife that love you very much, but there’s something not wired right and you’re going down this path, so having a dog there you look down at the dog and think “this dog loves me.” (34:42)
• Our connection with dogs is a lot like our relationship with God. (36:14)

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