Border Visit Recap

Stories From Border Patrol Agents, Life On The Border & The Issues We Face

Understanding the Border Crisis: The Challenges and Hypocrisy

Welcome back to another episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, where Marcus, Melanie, and Hunter discuss a weighty subject birthed from their first-hand experience at the US/Mexico border. We’re diving deep into the border crisis, exploring the challenges faced by Border Patrol agents, the exploitation of a legal loophole, and the hypocrisy surrounding the issue.


In this episode you will hear:
• There is a loophole that congress put in place that says if you have a child under the age of 13 accompanying you, you have the right to be released into the American population. (9:06)
• Cartels are basically selling off kids to accompany any adult, and the kids are not identified. Border Patrol is not allowed to do any biometrics on them. (9:28)
• The Border Patrol Mission Statement: Protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance our nation’s economic prosperity. (13:59)
• As much as you all are complaining about the border in the last two administrations and y’all ain’t down here doing anything about it – you all are hypocrites, I’m calling you out on it right now, plain and simple. (14:40)
• I don’t want hear anybody talking down to the border guard cause there down there busting their ass. If you got anything bad to say, you don’t even know what the hell is going on. (14:56)
• If an American citizen had what they [Illegals] have – if you were sick, if you had to go to a hospital, 2 agents will drive you in a van to the hospital, all your medication and things like that are paid for. I know soldiers that don’t have that. (15:54)
• In one concentrated area, they had about 46,000 people come in less than a week. (19:34)
• The suicide rate [amongst border patrol] is affecting them. I feel like that’s all stemming from the orders that they’re given. (22:17)
• The fact that we have people that would identify themselves with a uniform and a badge, learn protocol and procedures, and then there might be a slim chance they could get in trouble for enforcing laws that we put on ourselves. (24:52)
• Military veterans have a lot of resource, like foundations, to help them take care of things. Law enforcement has resources as well, but there’s no resources for the Border Patrol. (28:42)
• Their war [Border Patrol] is a shift every day. (30:57)
• Every single place we’ve gone to [around the world],  we have had to stand in line, show our passports, fill out something that states where we’re staying, how long we’re staying, who we’re staying with, and who’s traveling with us. Our 3 week old son had to have a passport. Why can’t we have the same treatment in our country? (42:43)

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