Becoming a Frogman

Hello my name is Christian Bom.
I figure now would be a great time while I’m in the midst of a struggle to write my never quit story. About a week and a half ago, I cut open my left hand severing a small artery, the tendon and muscle to my thumb. I had surgery done on it right away and now by Gods grace it is healing. The nerves are now my concern because I want to join the Canadian military by the end of the summer and if they were to say no I might not be able to become what I wanna be. Right now I live in Canada, Alberta, Calgary and I figured I would join the armed forces first to get some experience before I shoot for the purpose God has given me. Becoming a frogman.

However I know it is a long shot for me to even become an American let alone a navy SEAL. So these days I am working hard to get a better education and to become the soldier I was born to be. Right now along with my hand, I am in the midst of moving to a new home with my mother. We are being forced to move because we cannot pay the bills. My father passed away this February due to his stomach bursting from a six year long battle with cancer that eventually blocked his intestines and in a madder of 3 days, he was rushed to the hospital and then passed away. This weekend we are burying him. He was the first man I have ever cried for which taught me how strong and important love is and how powerful God and life is.

On top of that god has showed me the importance of teamwork and the need for protection and security. I have had many tests and revelations by him including how damaging my friends and family can be. By telling me things like “can’t”, “impossible”, or telling me I’ll never be accepted into America. But I know this path is leading me to the beaches of Coronado California. I mean this year I got my first job, I got baptized and I’m going for my drivers and I passed high school and got my diploma all in this one year. But I also was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Which means a waiver I’ll have to sign as well to be exceptionally physically fit during the SEAL screening test.

My mind has been shaken by the odds I have stacked against me. But it does not stop me from the goal of becoming apart of the teams. To have that brotherhood and to be the protector in my life and to provide security but most of all hope. Even in the darkest of moments. I do not know where God is leading me and I sure do not know how I’ll be able to be a frogman. But I will keep pushing forward and I will not accept no for an answer. I thank God for what he has given me.

I also want to thank Team Never Quit. Your stories of valor inspire me to fight on, as you say. Especially the stories of Mike Monsoor, Mike Murphy, Daniel Dietz, Matthew Axleson and of course Marcus. It gives me hope that one day I could be a hero and be strong enough to lay down my life for love. May God bless you all, and I hope in the near future I’ll be able to meet you guys and call you my brothers.

This is Christian Bom, a child of Christ saying God Bless you all! Stay froggy guys! HOOYAH!

Author: Christian