Behind Every Great Man, is a Greater Woman.

Hey guys,

First and foremost I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your incredible service to our country and for keeping me strong even in the darkest of times with the words of wisdom shared on your podcast each and every show. That being said here is not only my never quit story but more importantly the never quit story of my wonderful wife as well.
My wife and I have been married for almost 4 years and we just so happen to have 3 wonderful children (under the age of 3) and this is where the never story begins. My wife and I always planned to have a decent sized family when we first started planning to have children but didn’t realize they would all arrive so quickly. The first two pregnancies went very well but the 3rd is where things went south.

My wife actually beat cervical cancer through a leap procedure and was implanted with an IUD birth control to prevent further pregnancies. Fast-foward 3 months, me and my wife find out that she is pregnant. “How can this be?”, we thought. “This is what the birth control is for.” The next day we went to her OBGYN and not only confirm she is pregnant but she is 4 and a half months pregnant, which means she was pregnant at the time of her surgery and IUD implantation. So here we are wondering if the baby is okay and what happens now. Over the next few weeks, my wife starts to become very ill and starts experiencing mini stroke symptoms resulting in several hospital admissions all throughout the pregnancy.

Finally, our son comes a month early but not without some hardship and what I mean by that is she ended up tearing from the scarring from her prior surgery months before which also tears and artery causing her to bleed out over 3 liters of blood through all [f this the obgyn cuts her before numb to get the baby out and then she finally fades to black thinking she has just died. But she survived and never gave up and because of this and her extremely difficult and dangerous pregnancy, we decided to name our son Gideon which means Warrior. Now he is 2 months old and perfect and she I healing up nicely which is an amazing blessing to be 24 with 3 children and a wonderful wife who not only never quits but has completely changed my whole mindset and has kept me strong even through all the difficult times we face. I am proud to say that being married to this incredible testament of strength and perseverance that is my wife has made me even stronger in my own Never Quit battle.

Author: Jacob