Anthony Mortillaro

Creative Street Artist, Navy Veteran Shares Exclusive Giveaway w/ Custom Art

Welcome to this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast episode! Marcus’ guest, Anthony Mortillaro, widely known as THASM, is a seasoned artist hailing from Queens, NY. With a colorful and creative journey, he has achieved international acclaim for his incredible work.
Anthony has received commissions from notable figures: film-makers, actors, military heroes, and sports team CEOs. These collaborations not only showcase Anthony’s artistic prowess but also highlight the diversity and impact of his craft.Anthony runs an online art gallery on ETSY, aptly named THASMgallery. Boasting over 30 five-star reviews, the gallery is a testament to Anthony’s exceptional skills and the quality of service he provides.
Beyond his artistic endeavors, Anthony has a fascinating background. After a successful career in the United States Navy, he retired and now calls Norfolk, VA, home, where he resides with his family. His journey from military service to a thriving artistic career is sure to inspire and captivate.
Join us for an insightful conversation with Anthony Mortillaro as we delve into his artistic evolution, memorable commissions, and the unique intersection of military service and artistry. This episode is a blend of inspiration, creativity, and the triumph of following one’s passion. Don’t miss out!

– THASMgallery.
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In this episode you will hear:
• Not having a male role model led me in a different path. (7:17)
• [Marcus] “at the very least, when I’m trying to be a father – at least I’m sitting there.” (7:43)
• I was in more than 11 elementary schools. We moved around a lot. It was constant changing. Now that I’m older looking back – that wasn’t normal. (8:55)
• [Graffiti] was our social media. Graffiti was an outlet to express and to cope. To escape reality. (11:33)
I just did it as more as an outlook to get away from what was happening in the home front. And then it fast forwarded and wound up opening the door to other avenues that I wasn’t anticipating. (13:24)
• This is the first time I’m coming out publicly that I was in the Navy. I never told anybody. (16:20)
• …when he {Morgan Luttrell] stared at me, he stared into my soul with the thousand yard stare. (22:32)
• It went from Graffiti to making a piece that actually shared a story. (24:57)
• I think the paintings that I do will describe identity, a story, and express someone’s life. (27:48)
• Joining the military – hands down – was the best decision. (34:15)
• Partying became my own worse version of me. (34:27)
• Things started smoothing out when I had a friend of mine actually start witnessing to me. (34:34)
• I joined the military to better to better myself. Most people do. (35:08)
• I believe Morgan [Luttrell’s] heart is bigger than his body. (37:06)
• Money – it matters, buts not everything. (39:28)
• Everybody goes through something. Everybody has that “now what?’ – That uncertainty. (47:36)
• My kids don’t have a trident together, but they have their bond. (49:44)

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