Aaron Murphy

Influencer Leveraging Social Media To Fight Poverty & Help Strangers Worldwide

Making a difference.
Welcome back to another episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. Today, Marcus speaks with a truly inspiring guest, Aaron Murphy, who has taken the social media world by storm with his videos, and, as a result, is using his platform to fight poverty in South America.
Aaron once struggled with severe anxiety that led him to reliance on drinking and smoking, but he eventually decided he wanted to save himself, so on his self-discovery journey, he set off to backpack in South America. During his time there, he befriended several people and through them not only began learning Spanish, but also learned more about the political and economic state of several South American countries.
When the COVID pandemic surfaced, Aaron found himself in lockdown in South America with the financial resources he had budgeted for his journey running low. Despite his personal financial insecurity, he was so deeply struck by the impoverished conditions of those around him that he gave the last of his resources to a family that was desperately in need of food and recorded the act on TikTok.
Many people were so touched by Murphy’s act of kindness that they began donating money, not only so he could provide for himself, but also so he could continue helping families in need. As a result, Murphy lived in South America throughout the pandemic, documenting the process of aiding their poor. His ultimate goal is to enable families to become self-sufficient, not just to relieve them of extreme poverty for a short period of time.
Aaron Murphy’s foundation: ”Murph’s Life,” to donate money for Murphy’s cases.
– www.murphslifefoundation.com

– Tiktok/ IG/ Patreon/Youtube: Murphslife

– Navyfederal.org
– Policygenius.com
– factormeals.com/TNQ50
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulZZHjvU8To

In this episode you will hear:
• Everything I do, I just go hard core. (4:52)
• It got to the point that my health, and my soul and my mental health were at rock bottom. (5:06)
• I’m learning now that whenever you go into the unknown, you’re literally going into the darkness, and you don’t try to say this is how it’s going to be. New experiences could come out of that. (9:29)
• We build a home a week. We’re building a big school for the entire coffee community, and it’s gonna be the quality of a private school. (19:03)
• We’ve paid for a lot of surgeries that have saved kids’ lives. (19:20)
• I’ve seen the tingles and the boobies of charity every single day. (20:02)
• [Marcus] The minute you started focusing on what’s really important, you can feel it on the inside. It’s like a natural drug. (21:19)
• When I truly went through my life and developed a strong relationship with God – it was joy because no matter what, I have God. (29:35)
• I slept on a mattress from the trash in some shit hole where I had to share one toilet with four families and no toilet seat, and I was still able to feel joy. (30:13)
• I don’t think life is about getting quick highs. (31:00)
• I think it’s really good to have a personal – like a personal relationship [with God]. (36:06)
• My passion is finding one family and building them a forever home and a business. (37:12)
• Let’s say we have one farm that can bring in $50-$60,000 a month; now I can take a community of people who are tending to these food crops. Were gonna donate all this food to the orphanage and with 100% of their profit, it can pay for their education and their books. (42:05)
• What if I could pay people a U.S. wage in a poor country? That shit’s never been done before. (47:18)
• I want to feel a great joy and knowledge that I built this society, I created a portal for God like a beacon of light to know that we can create things in this life where people can be paid honestly and decently. (56:04)
• If we go through some catastrophic event, how cool would it be to have places that have food? (58:22)

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