You’ve Been “Candied”

Good morning from WV….

I have listened to every single one of your podcasts, some of them multiple times. I am always amazed by the guests stories of never quit and even more in awe of the stories of the listeners. While there is nothing spectacular about me or things I struggle with the events of the past couple of weeks made it abundantly clear that you need to know the story of our Candi.

10 years ago my nephew married into the most amazing family. He had lost three significant and most influential women in his life, My sister (his mom) in 2001, my grandmother in 2003 and my mother in 2005. We live 3,000 miles apart and I felt so blessed that he was going to be part of the Tyree family. The Tyree’s have three daughters. Candi is the oldest and was born with Cerebral Palsy. She was never supposed to walk, talk or really be any functioning part of society, but her parents would never give up on her. Four years later Candi got a little sister. When Jenn learned to walk so did Candi. When Jenn learned to talk so did Candi. Candi doesn’t just walk she runs and she has lots to say! Candi would prove all the doctors wrong. She competes in the Special Olympics, is the long time manager for the high school football team, helps her two sisters in their salon they own. There is nothing that Candi can’t do. One does not meet Candi and not instantly fall in love with her. I got “Candied” 7 years ago when I finally got to meet her in person. Her smile is infectious and her innocence and love for life make me want to be a better person. The almost 38 years of Candi’s life have been a never quit story in itself.

About 3 weeks ago now Candi was being treated for what they thought was bronchitis. She started struggling to breathe and was taken to the emergency room. A mass the size of a women’s basketball was found behind her lungs and there was a lot of fluid around her heart. Candi had to go to surgery to drain the fluid and biopsy the tumor. She was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma and is getting ready to start treatment. Candi is a fighter and this is literally a battle for her life. Candi heard the doctors talking to the family in the hospital. She asked “I have Cancer doc? I don’t want cancer. I’m scared.” A statement that would break anyone’s heart. Imagine telling your seven-year-old they have a potentially deadly disease and things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

Like I said… Candi’s whole life has been a never quit story. She is a fighter and this battle will be won. Candi’s two sisters own a salon where they live and have a client who works for Starbucks. She reached out to her company and told them how she was “Candied” four years ago and if they could send Candi some love. They responded big time! Candi has been receiving support from across the globe. I told her she was a Rockstar!

I hope I haven’t made this too long, but I wanted to share Candi’s story with you all. Candi Tyree is truly a special soul. Anyone who meets her will tell you they are better for knowing her. I know I am. As you read this if you could say a prayer for Candi and her family. The weeks and months to come will be the most difficult. Candi’s dad started a FB page called Candi’s Update Page and with every post he ends with “BUT GOD.” The power of prayer is an amazing thing. I keep telling them that no one in this family fights alone. We are all in this with them and Candi will win this fight.

Thank you for reading this and keep knocking it out of the park every week!

Johnna Cooper
#BUTGOD #CancerSucks #NoOneFightsAlone

Author: Johnna