Back to Life

2018 has been crazy for my family and I. But after 7 months of illness, 2 major surgeries, 9 different scars from incisions. Also being off of work for about 3 months of that, I was able to go back to work on July 6th, finally free of all tubes, staples and for the most part pain-free. Just have some healing to do with my incisions is all. I thank the Lord daily for giving me the strength when I know I didn’t have it. This whole experience triggered something in me., more of an AWAKENING!!! I won’t be held down not one bit anymore. Not by my mind or my physical capabilities. I will never quit and my story is just getting re-started and I’m taking my life back as I only know how too, no prisoners!!! I’m now back at the gym building my strength and stamina and both are coming back.

Author: MATT