Travis Wilson

Retired Green Beret and Founder & CEO of Alpha Elite Performance

How does a near-fatal parachute accident equate to becoming an entrepreneur?
Ask this week’s Team Never Quit guest, Travis Wilson. He served 21 years in the U.S. Army as a Green Beret and in the Special Forces. When his chute’s canopy collapsed and he “burned in,” Travis spent his recovery time developing his own line of supplement products. Listen in as Travis tells of his life transitions; his successes and failures. From a broken back, knee replacements and over a dozen surgeries to launching Alpha Elite Performance and serving as an Ambassador for the Green Beret Foundation, Travis is a picture of motivation and perseverance. Check it out.

In this episode you will hear:
• I was on a free-fall team the majority of my military career.
• On a night jump, the right side of my canopy collapsed. I was a right below 500’, so there’s no pulling reserve – just pray.
• I thought I had landed on a fence post. I broke my back, so I felt like I was impaled.
• I went to school for Exercise Science. But did I graduate? No, because “I’m not gonna miss this war.”
• I was an Army Medic.
• I stated a non-profit – Alpha Elite Performance. It’s a way for me to give back to veterans.
• My dad didn’t care if I failed or I succeeded, as long as I tried.
• My dad’s attitude was: “You’re not gonna grow up and quit.”
• When I got hurt, I thought I was gonna get kicked out, so that’s when I started my nutrition company.
• It’s a super challenge owning your own business.
• I was a security manager for Five Finger Death Punch, because I had a medical background.
• I lost 2 wives and 2 Harleys.

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