Tony Blauer

Combatives Instructor – Fear Expert – All Around Badass – SPEC Ops Training Specialist

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Please follow Tony on Instagram @tonyblauer And check out his website at

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face. Well, not everyone. If you punch Tony Blauer in the face standby to get your ass kicked. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard are fired up to welcome Tony to this weeks episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast. Join the Team as Tony tells his greatest #NeverQuitStory and why he’s dedicated his life to understanding how human beings react in “real world” fights. Over 30 years of proven expertise along with insane academic facts regarding how destructive fear is in our lives guarantees this show will knock you out! Tony Blauer is undoubtedly one of the most experienced combative instructors in the country. His SPEAR fighting system has been a part of the Special Operations community since the early 90’s. Tony uses the science of the human brain and the science behind our fear to establish a system that works under extreme duress. Join Marcus, Rut, The Wizard and Tony as they talk fighting, fear and the funniest stories you’ve ever heard about getting knocked out. Once again the TNQ Podcast crew delivers relevant content to help you face your fears and learn the never quit mindset. Life is a perpetual fight and those who aren’t prepared are most certainly going to get laid out. This week’s show delivers the one-two punch everyone needs to gain the advantage when things get dicey. If you have a great Never Quit fight story please write into the website and share your incredible experience with us. Just maybe your submission might get read on the air. Great Stories Ignite Legends

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