Sherri Reuland

Co-founder Of Boot Campaign & Behind The Scenes Of Its Creation, Inspiring Entrepreneur

Transforming Smiles and Lives: A Conversation with Sherri Reuland.

Welcome back, faithful listeners, to another exciting episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Today, we have a truly inspiring guest joining us – Sherri Reuland, a remarkable individual making a significant impact in various fields. From her work as an Orthodontist to her involvement in charitable efforts like the Boot Campaign, a non-profit organization supporting military veterans and their families. Learn more about the incredible initiatives of the Boot Campaign and how Sherri contributes to making a difference in the lives of those who served.
Sherri is also the author of the JIC (Just in Case) book. Tune in as she discusses the inspiration behind the book, its purpose, and the valuable lessons it imparts. The book is not only a guide for emergency preparedness but also a testament to Sherri’s commitment to helping others lead safer, more secure lives.
Sherri’s diverse interests also extend to the world of film, where she is involved in an exciting project promoting the benefits of Ibogaine. Learn about her investment in this promotional film and how she sees it as a platform to raise awareness about the potential therapeutic uses of Ibogaine.
Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Sherri Reuland, and be prepared to be motivated to make a difference in your own unique way! Subscribe, share, and join us next time for another engaging episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast.

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In this episode you will hear:
• We wanted to use our collective skillsets to find a way NOT to start a charity or to raise money, but to start a movement – a campaign about putting yourself in their [veterans’] shoes. Empathy – how do we connect with this community we don’t know a lot about. (15:29)
• Our goal was to exploit them [our veterans] in the benefit of the military. (24:24)
• A lot of the executive functions of my family fall on my shoulders, and I thought “I’ve got to write so much down, [thus the JIC Book was created] because if something happens to me my family is gonna be very, very lost.”
• My son has a lot of the entrepreneurial spirit. (57:05)
• I bought the land and a car wash; invested a little bit in new equipment, and then turned my son and three of his friends loose on it. They had to understand customer service, and how to be polite, and they did it flawlessly. They learned how to grow up. (57:44)
• I think that we are facing a mental health crisis. Then I see this Ibogaine – It has applications to treat a very large spectrum of symptomology. (62:57)
• I’m investing in a film that’s gonna tell the story about the beginnings of Ibogaine. (64:04)
• My role in this is to bring awareness to some of what the research is showing. And to get it known and seen by people who can make a big difference. (69:09)
• [Marcus] It gets to the root of what’s bothering you – Not all those layers you’ve put in there, or that other people put in there, or that life’s put in there. (70:46)
• [It’s] absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. (71:27)

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