Ryan Michler

Founder of Order of Man, Iraqi Combat Vet

This week’s episode features Ryan Michler, Founder of Order of Man and all-around exceptional guy, whose goal in life is to restore masculinity and fight for the hearts and minds of men. Ryan’s podcasts reach millions of listeners each week.
In this episode you will hear:
Ryan Michler Quotes
“If you’ve identified the hill you’re gonna die on; the battle you’re engaged in, don’t quit, because when you see how important it is, it would be impossible to throw in the towel.”

“Men on the right path aren’t yapping about it. People that aren’t doing anything are the loudest, and if we don’t counter those conversations, it becomes a trend.”

“We’re never at a shortage of people telling us the bad we’re doing.”

“Plant your flag towards something.”

“Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

“You can’t keep blaming your boss, the economy, your wife, or everyone else for your problems. Fix yourself.”

“Sports, coaches, mentors, and the military, can help teach you what it is to be a man, especially when there are no male influences at home.”

“I found solutions to my own problems, and then made a rewarding, fulfilling, and lucrative career out of it.”

“We all screw our kids up in some ways.”

“Introduce your kids to hardships. Teach them to bend, not break.” 

“Be a father, not a buddy to your kids.” 

“A lot of people experience hardships and it doesn’t make them; instead it 
breaks them.” 

“There’s nothing you can do about another person’s attitude.”

“People you influence will change because they see you changing, positively or negatively.”

 “When people listen to you, you better show up and pay your words and actions the respect they deserve.”

“Tell the truth.”

 “Help kids in your community. Help reshape misguided notions of what it is to be a man.”

 “Question everything.”

 “You need some sort of qualifier for people who are invited in your circle.”
 “Be the solution. Not the problem.”

 “No one wants to hang out with someone with a “Nice Guy Syndrome.”

 “Redefine yourself. Try something new.”
John Maxwell quote: 
“Every man, deep in his heart, longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”
Marcus Luttrell quotes: 

“When the big boat goes down, make sure you’re sitting in the life raft.”
“If you shut your engines down and you’re in the front, there’s gonna be train coming up behind you that’s gonna smack you right off the track.”
Morgan Luttrell quote: 

“The ones who think they have enough forward momentum and do not widen their gaze, fail.”

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