Rick Perry

Governor of Texas - US Presidential Candidate - Importance of public service and commitment to country

Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford are honored to welcome Governor Rick Perry to the TNQ Podcast. In this inspiring episode of the show, Marcus’ close personal friend, and mentor joins him to discuss his greatest Never Quit story, how he became the Governor of Texas, and why he wanted to run for President of the United States of America… twice! Gov. Perry’s lifetime of public service and commitment to the country will leave you ready to run for office. Listen to Marcus and Gov. Perry share their personal stories of triumph, failure and loyalty. This episode of the TNQ Podcast is sure to help you understand the Never Quit mindset and how to establish strong moral character and commitment to something bigger than yourself. Gov. Perry details where he learned to face adversity, overcome obstacles and dedicate himself to being a servant to his family and the people of Texas. You’ll be laughing out loud as they talk about when Marcus lived in the Governor’s mansion, where several heads of state witnessed a giant, tattooed, Frogman grabbing snacks from the fridge wearing only PT shorts and boots. Marcus and David once again bring a powerfully inspiring guest to the show in order to help you discover the Never Quit attitude. Their mission is to deliver positive, meaningful content to the masses by using their incredible life experiences, motivating guests, and hilarious SEAL Team humor as the spark for listeners to ignite their drive to achieve the next level of success. Don’t forget to tune into the After Actions Report and hear Gov. Perry describe how he applies his Never Quit mindset in every day usage. Great Stories Ignite Legends!

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