Randy Beausoleil

What it Takes to Be A Navy SEAL, Operation Blue Spoon, The Invasion of Panama

Join us for this week’s exhilarating episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast as Marcus sits down with Randy Beausoleil, a true American hero and former Navy SEAL of 34 years. In this gripping conversation, Randy shares insights from his remarkable mission to Panama, where his mission was to take down dictator and drug lord, Manuel Noriega, by blowing up his boat. Listening to Randy’s compelling, firsthand story offers a glimpse into the mindset that defines a warrior.
Discover the principles of teamwork, adaptability, unwavering determination, and the mental toughness required to navigate high-stakes situations.
Listening to Randy reveals insights into the discipline, focus, and resilience that set Navy SEALs apart, and be inspired by how these principles can be applied to everyday challenges.
Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Tap into your own inner warrior spirit. Whether you’re facing personal challenges or striving for self-improvement, Randy’s insights provide a roadmap for unlocking your full potential.

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In this episode you will hear:
• You’re gonna make it no matter what happens. You just have to believe. And the Navy doesn’t train that into you. (12:45)
• In order to make it through BUDS, you gotta believe you can do it. (13:32)
• People quit when they don’t believe. (15:48)
• The work is being miserable, cold, wet, tired. You still have to perform. (18:37)
• Hell week is what separates us from the rest of them [other Special Forces]. It gives you a weird mental ability that no other training can give you. (19:50)
• Everybody compares themselves to SEALS. SEALS don’t compare themselves to anybody else. (20:35)
• We have to train so hard that no matter what we do, we’re way better at it than anyone else. (23:59)
• When we do actually go into combat, combat is easier than the training. 24:09)
• My desire was for their best interest [as an instructor]. We’re gonna train hard, but we’re gonna stick together. You need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. (29:46)
• You need to be training everybody that is below you to replace you. (34:59)
• As the leader, I’ll help who needs help. (37:29)
• I don’t want to talk specific tactics because there’s still guys on active duty deploying those tactics. I don’t want the enemy to hear it. (50:22)
• [Marcus] If you close your eyes and drop underwater, you know how many kicks it takes to get 100 yards. (51:46)
• Okay, this is why we’ve been doing what we’re doing. We’re getting on the C141, and that night, we’re getting in the water and we are diving on these boats. (67:05)
• If something happens, it’s my fault. If we didn’t get there, it’s my fault. If we got compromised, it’s my fault. I’m not gonna sit there going “it’s his fault.” (77:00)
• Once we go in the water, it over, that boat is blowing up. (79:46)
• There has to be a level of finality to whatever you’re doing. If I don’t do this correctly, things aren’t gonna work out so well. (130:37)

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What it Takes to Be A Navy SEAL, Operation Blue Spoon, The Invasion of Panama
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