Gentlemen, might I say it is an honor to have discovered this podcast. I would like to thank all of you for the incredible things you have done. My never quit story is one that is not life threatening or heroic, but I type this in hopes that it may be therapeutic for me. My battle with self doubt and my self esteem is one that began at an early age. I was born into my family as the youngest of 5 brothers. Growing up I was constantly attempting to improve on what my brothers had done before me and trying to out do them at every step. This standard that I put on myself is something that created a lot of disappointment and doubt throughout my childhood. The one arena that I found myself always have the upper hand was my intelligence in school. I am not one that likes to toot my own horn but school was something that came easy to me and I found it very simple to get good grades. This showed me that I could do great things. As I grew up and graduated high school I then traveled off to college. This is where I begin to notice more and more of my self esteem problems. Although I can maintain my 3.3 GPA, I found it more difficult by the day to look into the mirror and love what I was seeing. As a 21 year old young man, it is very difficult to admit this to anyone at all. This battle has until right now been one that I have had only in my own head. Although this story does not have a happy ending yet. Although I have no made any incredible transformation, I have made it my mission to hunt down self love. My ultimate goal is to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see. Until I hit this point I will not quit and every day I will wake up and try to work towards this mission. One day I will destroy these self depreciating thoughts that I have….and until then the battle wages on.

Author: Keith