Matt Long

Bus Crash Victim, Retired FDNY, 9/11 Survivor, Founder of the I Will Foundation, Author of The Long Run

If you’re looking for an overcomer’s story, look no further than this week’s episode with Matthew Long, a life-long competitive athlete with the strength and endurance few have achieved, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and competing in Ironman competitions. As he was cycling to work one day as a New York City firefighter, he was run over by a 20-ton bus, literally spilling his intestines on the street, and requiring 68 units of blood in the first hours after the accident. It took a miracle, and Matthew’s never quit mindset to walk again, and eventually compete in the New York City Marathon. He has authored the book: The Long Run, and founded the I WILL Foundation to help people overcome by adversity and challenges caused by traumatic injury. In this episode you will hear: • This [accident] was supposed to happen to me. • The bike cut me right in half. • My mom was the one who was my pillar of strength. • I had 43 surgeries in a 5-month period. • I can’t image what he [the bus driver] felt like when he thought he hit a garbage can, and saw 2 legs laying out of the bus. • Even the homeless, knew who I was.  • For 5 months, every night – dinner was served from a different firehouse in the city. • I went through 1 ½ years of dark thinking. • Within 3 years of the accident I ran a marathon and you can take a look at the site here that offered me the timely help that I needed to recover from the accident. • I get after it every day. • Every tattoo should tell a story. • I always have to have something going on in my life physically – and a goal. • I can’t’ run anymore. If I run 3 miles, I’m in bed for 3 days because of my gate. My upper body ticks to the left. • You have to let go of the anger. • We don’t overcome shit. Adversity is something you have to learn to live with. • When you learn to live with adversity, you’re gonna be stronger and more powerful, and impactful than you could ever believe.

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