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Buckle Up for Life: The Kailee Mills Foundation Story
Welcome to another impactful episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast. In today’s episode, we shine a spotlight on the crucial importance of seatbelt safety, exploring the heart-wrenching story of David Mills and his family. Their tragedy led to the creation of the Kailee Mills Foundation, a beacon of hope and advocacy for seatbelt awareness.
The Mills family’s tragic journey begins with the heartbreaking story of losing their beloved 16-year-old daughter in a car accident. This devastating event became the catalyst for change in their lives and ignited a passion for preventing similar tragedies, in memory of their daughter. Through educational programs, events, and collaborations, the foundation continues to make strides in promoting seatbelt safety and saving lives.
We discuss tangible ways our listeners can contribute to the Kailee Mills Foundation’s mission and promote seatbelt safety within their own communities.
Join us as we honor the memory of Kailee Mills and support the Kailee Mills Foundation in their tireless efforts to make our roads safer.
Every buckle can make a difference.

Check out the foundation here:
– https://www.kaileemillsfoundation.org/

– Policygenius.com

In this episode you will hear:
• The whole Team Never Quit mindset started for me when we lost our daughter. Our 16 year old. It was at that point that I realized how short life is. (14:31)
• A lot of my friends that were way less smart than me, weren’t as hard of workers as me, were doing way bigger things. I was like why can’t that be me?   That’s when I why decided to grow my company and things really took off.  At the same time, we were building a foundation in our daughter’s name. (14:48)
• Even from a young age she [Kailee] could talk to anybody. She was like an adult, she would go into a room and make her presence felt. She was outgoing, bubbly, a light in a dark room. She had a large personality, a big smile, a loud laugh, and was larger than life. (19:26)
• She also didn’t mind being the butt of a joke. (21:40)
• It’s a parent’s worst fear – losing a child. (28:17)
• Your odds [of survival in a crash] go up exponentially if you have your seatbelt on. (33:34)
• I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking but I just felt like these kids [gathered at the crash site days later] needed to hear a message of how important it is to be safe in the car. (34:51)
• I told ‘em you’ve gotta be selfish when it comes to your safety. (35:36)
• Who do you buckle for at home that loves you that’s counting on you to make it home safe? (41:45)
• I’ve done way worse, and got away with it. (63:14)
• I’m shaving getting ready for the memorial service and I’m thinking to myself of all those stupid choices I’ve made and got away with, and I thought it’s not fair. I’m a Christian. What is the foundation of my faith? It’s the Lord’s Prayer – Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. (63:28)
• I called him [the driver’s father] and said I want you to know that I forgive your son. I want him to know that If he wants to come pay his respects, say his goodbye’s We’re gonna welcome him with open arms. We’re gonna love on him. We’re gonna tell him it’s gonna be okay. We forgive him. (64:17)
• If there’s somebody in your life that you’re holding hatred or a grudge on, just consider forgiving that person. (64:45)
• Raising awareness is about creating conversations and reminding people what’s important. (72:12)

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