John Chambliss

Firefighter, Personal Trainer, Owner of 48 Str8

Are you looking to accomplish some goals in your life? Take a listen to John Chambliss, our guest in this week’s episode. John is a career firefighter, personal trainer, owner of 48 Str8 Fitness and 48 Str8 Supplements, nutritionally designed for First Responders, Veterans, and health-conscious gym-goers. This is what hard work and a “get-it-done” attitude look like. John conveys the seemingly impossible obstacles he has overcome to become a successful entrepreneur and servant to the community, without anyone’s help. Truly a self-made man with a positive outlook on everything he pursues.


In this episode you will hear:
• You gotta figure out which way you wanna go – find your own path.
• Quit worrying about money & bills. Chase your dream.
• Success in the gym is having a connection/relationship with your trainer.
• If I’m gonna put you on a program, I’m gonna do it with you.
• Mediocracy is what kills us.
• If you ever find yourself on a crotch rocket, a tank top, and shorts – that’s a set up.
• The doctor told me I’d never walk again and never work out again. I have 6 plates and 32 screws in my left hip.
• I need to do something better for my community as a first responder, fire, police, military and the general public.
• The name48 Str8 comes from my work shifts.
• When is my shit gonna come pick me up to take me to the success lane? You gotta build that shit.
• When you make a mistake, learn from it, and move on.
• When you hit rock bottom – good – now you know what it feels like, and you don’t wanna be back there again.
• Why do something that not gonna propel you in the direction you wanna be going?
• There is no option to give up.
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