Jim Craig


Do you believe in miracles? Then you’re going to be absolutely blown away with this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast guest. Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team Goalie, Jim Craig. Jim was an integral part of one of the most incredible sports events in history. At the height of the Cold War, in the silver medal round pitted against a far more experienced and legendary Soviet Russian Team, he played the game of his life, stopping 36 out of 39 shots on goal. Listen to Jim tell his greatest #NeverQuitStory and how it enabled him to have a profound impact on millions of people for the next 37 years.

Jim Craig and his herculean effort in the 1980 Winter Olympics are known around the world and in every field house and team locker room in America. His exploits during this historic event are the stuff of legends, however, Jim’s life has actually been one amazing Never Quit moment after the other. Listen as Marcus, Rut and #TheWizard help Jim outline his incredible insights in order for you to begin overcoming adversity and hurdling the very toughest obstacles of your own life. Through Jim’s unique story and sage wisdom you can be sure that the lessons you receive from this week’s epic #TNQPodcast will prepare you for your next confrontation with the tough and overwhelming opponents in life.

Please help us share Jim’s story and all the others from the amazing guests we’ve had on the show. Tell all those in your life in need of some really positive content and valuable life lessons. If you have an amazing Never Quit story yourself, please write in and share it with the team here<>. It’s our mission to create the very best team support network through our collective pain and success. Join in.

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