Jeremy Mahugh

On His Journey From Special Operations To Fighting Human Trafficking, Launching Caim Technology

From Navy SEAL sniper with Special Operations and Intelligence Community experience to Co-Founder of Caim Technology, a counter human trafficking organization.
That’s this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast guest, Jeremy Mahugh. Marcus and Jeremy get in the weeds regarding Jeremy’s involvement in the development of cell phone app technology capable of identifying potential human trafficking risks as a preventive measure against being victimized.

Caim Technology
In this episode you will hear:
• [While in a float tank] I thought, “I wonder what it’d feel like if I just rolled over?”. I got the salt in my nose, and eyes, and ears, and the rest of the hour was shot. (8:41)
• Everybody has the ability to travel now, but some people still don’t. (15:24)
• [My grandfather] was in the Army Air Corps and was shot down over Yugoslavia in World War II. He was a POW. (22:44)
• I’m still not sure if they know what soccer is in Texas. (24:03)
• I just wanted to be part of a team – I wanted to part of something that was gonna push me to be better. (27:26)
• [Caim Technology] is focused on collecting any kind of data on human trafficking or exploitation. (57:39)
• One of the things that’s been missing is having a tool to put in the hands of the consumer. So we have a mobile app that will tell you if you’re interacting with someone in the [human trafficking] database. (58:02)
• You can connect a consumer with a product via smart phone. That’s also happening in the human trafficking world. (59:51)
• Q: Is the app available? A: We’re probably a month or two away from being launched. We’re collecting data from a multitude of websites. (66:11)
• It will go to the app store soon, and has to go through beta testing. (66:30)
• Technology has gotten to the point that it is everything to us. (70:22)
• It’s the Wild West. There’s never been good parameters on how [AI] can be used. (75:16)
• Everybody has a need to deal with this [Caim App] and has a need for good information. (78:04)
• What I love about what we’re doing now is we’re here to support all of you. Our for-profit is there to make money, but provide tools and prevention and have a huge hammer in the fight against human trafficking. (82:15)

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