Hernán Luis y Prado

Founder and CEO of Workshops for Warriors, Former Hospital Navy Corpsman and Surface Warfare Officer

Have you ever heard of anyone who was not a United States citizen become one and enlist in the U.S. Military the same day they received their citizenship? In this week’s episode, you will meet and hear from Hernán Luis y Prado – born in Argentina, grew up in France, and became a U.S. citizen, only to join the U.S. Navy on the same day. Hernan is a 15 year Navy veteran, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and CEO of Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit for transitioning and struggling service members, offering them advanced manufacturing training certification and job placements. His attraction to America is that it is the only nation governed by an idea, which is expressed in the Constitution and not a person or bloodline. That’s what this patriot chooses to support. Listen to this incredible man’s story of aspiration and success in the country he loves so dearly.

 In this episode you will hear:
  • I sold everything we had to start Workshops for Warriors.
  • We train America’s veterans to rebuild America’s advanced manufacturing and economic backbone. We harness discipline, an ethical mindset, tenacity, and focus on our skills.
  • You’re a badass, you can do anything, improvise, adapt, overcome.
  • It never rains, it only liquid sunshine.
  • When you get out of the military, you go from a suit of armor to the civilian world & are cast adrift in free fall.
  • America needs welders, machinists, and fabricators. You need a skillset.
  • Our school is a velvet funnel. You come from a really tight straw & now you gotta give more liberty until you get to the civilian world.
  • There are 2.3 million unfilled jobs due to unskilled labor in America.
  • Our goal is to rebuild America one veteran at a time.
  • We do the hard things every day. It’s the easy things that kick our butts.
  • People come in – shoulders hunched down. By the end of the first week you see them coming back.
  • The most important thing that Americans like and right now is vision.
  • [Marcus Luttrell] “One team, one fight.”
  • Together we can do this, alone we can’t.

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